Pet Harmony

Dogs and cats and horses and rabbits and snakes and fish and birds…oh my! Does your home look like a zoo? Then this section is for you!

Owning different types of pets is a challenging experience, although certain pets have been known to form some wonderful and unusual friendships. It”s not impossible for a cat and pet parrot to become buddies. It just takes a little work and understanding on your part in order to foster harmonious relations among your animal companions.

Statistics show that forty percent of all dog owners have a cat in the home as well. What can you do as a pet owner to help your cat and dog or any other pets get along?

Managing pets so that they get along may involve some training. Like any other type of training, you should praise and reward good behavior. Stock up on cat treats and dog treats ahead of time. Small treats make great rewards and can distract pets who are headed for trouble.

This section is divided into multiple articles covering:

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