Paranormal Investigation Equipment

Paranormal investigators take their work seriously. When checking out a purportedly haunted site, they plan ahead and bring plenty of paranormal investigative equipment with them.

The equipment in a paranormal researcher’s kit varies, but certain items are considered to be especially helpful when investigating paranormal phenomena.

EMF Detection Meters

An electromagnetic field (EMF) meter is a common tool used among ghost hunters. This piece of paranormal investigative equipment measures the electromagnetic field radiating from household objects. While no scientific evidence exists to support this, it is widely believed that ghosts can disrupt an electromagnetic signal or even give off radiation of their own.

The accuracy of these meters can vary, with handheld devices being the least reliable. A ghost hunter using a handheld EMF meter should be careful to stand as still as possible because even the tiniest bit of movement can cause the electromagnetic readings to fluctuate.

The cost of EMF meters ranges from about $40 (for a very basic meter designed for beginners) to $200 for professional equipment with a built-in EMF alarm.

Infrared Surveillance Cameras

Infrared surveillance cameras cost around $20 and can be very useful pieces of paranormal investigation equipment, especially for researchers exploring a large area. The camera will sound an alarm if motion is detected, meaning researchers can plant it in one room while exploring another one nearby.

Thermometer or Infrared Thermometer

Since a rapid drop of 10 or more could signify a nearby ghost, a thermometer is a great tool for any paranormal investigator to have. Infrared thermometers can scan a large space and can respond to temperature drops much more quickly than regular thermometers. Thermometers start around $10 for a basic digital thermometer and can cost up to $130 or so for a high-end infrared thermometer.

Because paranormal phenomenon can interfere with electronic equipment, paranormal investigators should also bring along an old-fashioned mercury thermometer as a backup.

Cameras and Paranormal Investigation Equipment

A regular 35mm film or digital camera is a vital part of paranormal research equipment. Photos taken at allegedly haunted sites can provide tangible evidence of paranormal phenomena. Orbs (balls of light believed to be ghosts) and ectoplasmic mist that might not be visible to the naked eye often show up on developed film, negatives or even on a digital camera’s display screen.

Originally, using digital cameras as paranormal investigative equipment was frowned upon. The earliest signs of paranormal phenomenon captured by digital photography were explained away as defects in the equipment or computer trickery.

However, as digital cameras have become more mainstream and reliable, paranormal investigators have begun using them in place of their old 35mm cameras. The digital camera has many advantages over its film counterpart, the most obvious being the ability to see a picture immediately after taking it.

Prices for digital cameras vary widely. They start as low as $80, but paranormal researchers should be prepared to spend at least $200 to $400 for a good digital camera.

EVP Listener

Electronic voice phenomena (EVP) refers to the ghostly whisperings occasionally heard on tapes and other audio devices. For years, EVP could only be heard by a trained ear on an audio recording. Now, however, paranormal investigators can arm themselves with an EVP listener: a device that transforms magnetic signals into their audio counterpart. When paired with a set of headphones, an EVP listener allows researchers to hear EVPs as they occur. An EVP listener is portable and costs around $20.