Paintball Guns

Paintball guns, often called markers, are a key element of paintball, a pastime that is growing in popularity and is now enjoyed by many. Paintball is an activity that is played either in an open field or an indoor arena.

The game is fast-paced, filled with action and makes a great physical fitness activity for many people. People of all ages, fitness levels and sexes can play paintball well. However, most paintball arenas require that players be at least 12 years old.

Paintball divides players into two teams (identifiable by different colored arm bands) and is played similarly to capture the flag. Both teams try to capture the other team’s flag and return to their own base, all the while avoiding being hit with a paintball by the other team. Players who have been hit are out of the game and must leave the playing area.

Paintball enthusiasts have many types of paintball guns to choose from. These include:

  • airsoft guns
  • auto-cocker paintball guns
  • ion paintball guns
  • sniper paintball guns
  • spyder paintball guns.

Unlike BB guns, paintball guns shoot a ball of paint encased by a thin, hard, eggshell-like material. From a safe distance, paintball gun shots will not hurt players. However, protective equipment, such as goggles, a face mask (with ear and throat protection) and a protective cup (for men) are recommended, in addition to thick clothing that covers the skin.

In this section, we’ll cover all aspects of the different types of paintballs guns. We’ll also tell you where to find cool paintball guns and cheap paintball guns.

Airsoft Gun

Airsoft guns look more like real military weapons than other types of paintball guns. They are designed to shoot lightweight paintballs and are very accurate. For many paintball players who like their realistic look, the airsoft gun is a great paintball gun choice.

Auto-Cocker Paintball Gun

The auto-cocker paintball gun is one of the classic models that has been used for a long period of time. The auto-cocker model is known for being efficient and consistent and is very long-lasting and easy to fix. Those who don’t want to replace their paintball gun often should consider the reliable auto-cocker paintball gun.

Ion Paintball Gun

Ion paintball guns are often cheap paintball guns. They are designed to take abuse and are easy to use. Those who want an easy-to-maintain paintball gun should opt for the ion paintball gun.

Sniper Paintball Gun

Sniper paintballs guns are known for accuracy and stealth. As the name suggests, it looks and feels like a sniper gun. Paintball players who tend to lean toward the “one shot, one kill”strategy tend to opt for a sniper paintball gun.

Spyder Paintball Gun

The spyder paintball gun is lightweight, powerful and known for its good grip. However, this model can be difficult to clean. This model is not known for its durability, though many modifications and improvements can be made to a spyder. Those wishing to upgrade, personalize and otherwise modify their paintball guns will do well with a spyder paintball gun.