Outdoor Christmas Decorations

p>Christmas outdoor decorations are a part of some people”s Christmas traditions. Lights, statues, figures and more comprise the outdoor Christmas decorations of a number of families each year.

The day after Thanksgiving is one of the most popular days for breaking out the Christmas decorations, both indoors and outdoors. Some people wait for December to hit, but, for many, the Christmas season seems to start earlier each year. Also, many people don”t take down their outdoor Christmas decorations until well after the New Year.

most common and popular outdoor Christmas decoration for the house and yard is Christmas lights. Christmas lights are draped along the edges of house roofs, wrapped around trees and bushes and, in some cases, draped over entire roofs or sides of homes.

Over the years, the varieties and types of Christmas lights have expanded to include:

  • multi-colored
  • music-playing
  • solid-colored
  • twinkling.

This doesn”t even include the difference in sizes and lengths. Some lights are even made to resemble snow and icicles hanging off the side of the roof.

To make hanging Christmas lights easier, many people leave their nails or hangers up year-round to avoid having to put them up year after year.

Outdoor Christmas Scenes

In addition to lights, many homes feature entire Christmas scenes each holiday season. Nativity scenes are common, as are scenes depicting Santa Claus and his reindeer on a rooftop near a chimney. Some people go all out and even include figures of elves building toys in their yards.

Many of these outdoor Christmas scenes are accompanied by Christmas lights and even Christmas music.

People who live in areas with snow often incorporate snowmen or entire snow families into their outdoor Christmas decorations.

Outdoor Christmas Trees

While most people have their Christmas trees indoors, some people also decorate trees in their yards with garland, lights and oversize Christmas bulbs and ornaments. If your tree isn”t too tall, try adding a large star or angel as a tree topper.

To complete the outdoor Christmas tree, wrap empty boxes or wooden crates with festive Christmas wrap or colored cellophane and position them below the tree, around the tree or even all across the yard.

Decorating Walkways

Having decorations along the walkway or path to the front door is another popular outdoor Christmas decoration addition.

Luminaries (small bags or containers that house a small tea light or lamp) make great walkway liners. Other popular walkway liners include:

  • poinsettias
  • statues of Santa”s elves
  • tall plastic candy canes.

If bushes or plants already line your walkway, try adorning them with tinsel or fake snow.

Decorating Neighborhoods

Many neighborhoods are known for their over-the-top outdoor Christmas decorations. Such neighborhoods often feature house after house that has been adorned with Christmas lights, figures and more. Sometimes, entire neighborhoods line their streets and sidewalks with luminaries.

Year after year, many people drive to these neighborhoods to admire the dcor and get into the Christmas spirit.

No matter if you live in a neighborhood known for its outrageous Christmas decorations or one that usually sticks to more traditional Christmas lights, outdoor Christmas decorations can make a great addition to holiday traditions and can help the whole family get into the holiday spirit.