Other Great Urban Areas In New Zealand For Retirement

When most people think about retiring to the urban areas in New Zealand, they immediately think of Wellington and Auckland. Several other cities in New Zealand offer excellent museums, culture and cafes not far from outdoor recreational opportunities and idyllic landscapes, sometimes for a fraction of the price.

Top Cities in New Zealand

Some of the best cities in New Zealand include:

  • Christchurch: Unfortunately, the effects of the earthquake that devastated Christchurch in February of 2011 are still evident, however the city is quickly rebuilding itself. Often considered on of New Zealand’s most livable cities, Christchurch is a center for arts, culture and education.
  • Queenstown: Queenstown may not be for the mellow retiree, but active retirees looking for nightlife in an urban center should consider it. This beautiful city is a common stop for backpackers, and retirees to Queenstown are likely to meet adventurers from around the world.
  • Dunedin: Dunedin is one of the South Island’s most popular cities. Located on Otago Harbor, it’s a great location for boating and other water sports. As a university town, some retirees may consider the general population too young, while others may find the intellectual atmosphere of the city refreshing. Retirees may even spot penguins on Dundin’s beautiful shores.
  • Nelson: Nelson is located on the Tasman Bay in the Nelson-Tasman region of New Zealand. This modern city has a thriving arts scene and many of New Zealand’s artists have settled in Nelson. Retirees can take art classes and workshops taught by local artists.
  • Wanaika: Wanaka is a resort town that is quickly becoming one of New Zealand’s most popular tourist destinations. Located at the entrance of the beautiful Mount Aspiring National Park, it’s a great location for outdoor enthusiasts.
  • Picton: Picton is located on the Marlborough Sound in South Island. It’s one New Zealand’s top destinations for fishing and diving. Retirees can take Professional Association for Diving Instructors (PADI) certified courses to become certified scuba divers.
  • Napier: After an earthquake destroyed Napier in the 1930s, the city was rebuilt in an art-deco style. Located in the popular vineyard region of Hawke’s Bay, it’s a popular destination for wine connoisseurs. The city also houses the National Aquarium.
  • Hamilton: Hamilton is located in the Waikato region and is New Zealand’s largest inland city. It’s home to the Waikato Museum, which houses everything from exhibits on the country’s natural history to contemporary Maori culture and performance.

Although it’s the largest and most visited city in the country, many Americans avoid retiring to Auckland. New Zealand’s smaller cities are more popular among retired expats looking to escape crowds of tourists and international students.