Other Celebrations

Throughout the course of your life, you will experience a number of events worth celebrating with your family and friends. While birthdays, weddings and anniversaries are some of the more common occasions on which people plan extravagant parties and ceremonies, housewarming parties, quinceaeras and religious rites of passage are also important milestones that deserve their own celebrations.

Each of these special occasions will depend on a variety of factors, including:

  • how formal or informal you want the occasion to be
  • how much money you want to spend
  • when you want to hold the event (season, day and time)
  • where you want to celebrate
  • who you want to invite.

For example, while a bar mitzvah celebration is likely to be a traditional, formal affair that includes a large number of guests, a housewarming party is usually a smaller, more informal affair.

In this section, we will give you tips and suggestions for planning various unique events in your life. Our articles will outline and explain some of the factors you should consider as you are planning and/or hosting events ranging from a baby shower to a baptism to a quinceaera.

Baby Shower

Baby showers are fun events held to celebrate the impending arrival of a new life coming into the world. While etiquette elects that a close friend of the mother-to-be plan and host the baby shower, some pregnant women opt to host their own showers.

As you begin to plan a baby shower, you will have to put together a guest list, send out invitations and make sure the mother-to be is registered for gifts so that guests know what to give her. Similarly, you will also have to plan a few games, as well as organize the refreshments, for the event. Keep reading for an entire checklist of how to successfully plan a baby shower.

Bar/Bat Mitzvah

A bar or bat mitzvah is a Jewish rite of passage to commemorate a childs coming of age and maturation in the Jewish faith. While girls celebrate their bat mitzvahs at 12 years old, boys experience their bar mitzvahs at 13 years old. In fact, the term “bar mitzvah” literally translates from Hebrew to mean “son of the commandment.”

Simply put, the bar/bat mitzvah ceremony represents the time in Jewish childrens lives when they acknowledge that they are now taking responsibility for pursuing the practice of their faith. Bar/bat mitzvahs start in a temple (a Jewish house of worship) and generally are followed by a festive, fun reception complete with food, drinks and dancing. Read on to learn more about bar/bat mitzvahs.


A quinceaera, also known as a quince aos, is an event in a Latino or Hispanic girls life that takes place on her 15th birthday. Similar to the American phenomenon of the sweet sixteen birthday, a quinceaera is a celebration of girl who is starting to mature into a young woman.

While the size and scope of a quinceaera depends on how affluent a family is, in general, these birthday parties are larger and more extravagant than others. Along with renting halls, hiring caterers and giving the young lady expensive gifts, those who are planning a quinceera will also have to make sure that the girl has a formal dress. Keep reading to learn more about quinceaeras.