Online Food Club Shopping

Finding unique holiday and birthday gifts can be a challenge. If you’re looking for an unusual gift tailored to an individual’s tastes, consider a food-of-the-month club membership. Your gift can continue for six months or all year, and everyone on your gift list can discover new foods.

How Do Online Food Clubs Work?

Most companies that offer online food-of-the-month club ordering provide a number of gift options. You can order plans that send a gift each month for three months, six months or a year. You or your gift recipient can sample gourmet products and find new items to recommend to others.

Food-of-the-Month Club Offerings

Options for monthly online food clubs are almost limitless. Nearly every taste and preference can be satisfied with one of these monthly memberships. Some ideas include:

  • Artisan cheeses: Try a variety of unusual cheeses, which are great for recipes or entertaining.
  • Coffee and tea: Perk up someone’s morning routine with a new coffee or tea selection each month.
  • Fresh fruits and vegetables: Get seasonal offerings, organic fruits or exotic produce shipped each month with these healthful options.
  • Meats: Each month you can send your grill lovers a new steak or specialty meat, such as filet mignon or strip steak.
  • Snacks: Get a variety of nuts, popcorn or salsa.
  • Sweets: Many people enjoy the occasional sweet indulgence. Try monthly clubs that send cookies, pies or gourmet chocolate.

Other specialty options include barbecue sauce, olive oil and even peanut butter.

Wine and Beer Clubs

For the wine or beer enthusiast, clubs that send monthly samplings of limited-edition wines or small-batch beers are a great choice. These products may be difficult to find in a store. Beer and wine clubs can also be a great way to send alcohol made in your local area to friends in faraway locations.

If you’re interested in wine clubs and beer clubs, be aware that state laws often restrict these plans. Many states limit the shipment of alcohol directly to consumers’ homes, and other states ban it altogether. Before signing up for a wine or beer club, look up your state’s shipping restrictions before you order.