Online Chess Playing Chess On The Computer

The Internet and computer age have changed the way that people play chess. While centuries ago, chess players had to be face-to-face, today new generations of chess players can play people around the world in online chess communities. Similarly, modern chess players can also hone their chess skills by playing against the computer with special chess software.

Chess software and online game rooms are becoming more commonplace on the Internet and with good reason. The skill and ingenuity involved with playing chess makes it a far more challenging type of escapism than some modern day video games. The universal appeal of this century old game can also foster a sense of a commonality between old and new generations.

Online Chess Rooms

Online chess rooms are great places to meet fellow players and to get a bit of chess training. You can learn by watching others play or by playing someone who is a bit better than you. Many of the rooms also have boards and forums where you can meet members and ask questions.

If you want to join an online chess room, make sure to look around for one that fits your needs. Some sites charge fees to join, while others are free to register. Keep in mind, however, some “free” online chess communities may still charge a nominal fee to gain access to gaming rooms.

Some popular online chess rooms and sites include:

  • Chess Here: Chess Here is an online chess community in which members from around the world gather to play and refine their chess skills. This site offers free registration that allows members to join in forums and boards. Like other popular chess rooms, Chess Here doesn’t require any software downloading.
  • Chess Mania: This chess site offers free online chess rooms where you can play games with fellow members, as well as chat rooms and forums where you can find advice on chess strategies. Chess Mania boasts over 15,000 members, making it easy for you to find a worthy opponent anytime you are up for a game of chess.
  • Game Knot: This online chess community provides Internet chess players with opportunities to play chess for free without having to download software or register with the site. Both of these features make this online chess site noteworthy among many chess connoisseurs.

Computer Chess Games

Along with joining or playing in online chess communities, you can also practice chess on your computer with special software. While low-end chess games can start as low as $25, more complicated chess software typically costs upwards of $150.

Computer chess games and software usually includes more features that just standard games. Here are some other fun features included in some chess software:

  • artificial intelligence personalities and characters
  • different level settings, ranging from beginner to expert
  • information and articles on chess strategies
  • memory and storage of past games played, which can be reviewed at any time
  • pleasing graphics with 2D and 3D options
  • tutorial modes for chess training.

Chess Training and Tutorials

To further challenge yourself and improve your chess skills, you can also download chess training freeware or shareware programs. While more ornate chess software does come with a few more bells and whistles, downloading free chess software is a good way to evaluate your skills and your interest in the game.

When choosing between chess training software, first consider what you want out of it. Also, realize that not all programs are created equal. When looking for chess training software, try to find computer chess programs that are:

  • easy to understand: Read over instructions to see if they are clear prior to downloading any chess software. If they are not clear, chances are the tutorial will not be easy to understand either.
  • made for one or two players:If you want to be able to play with a fellow chess player, make sure the software allows you the choice of playing alone or with an Internet opponent.
  • user-friendly: You won’t learn much from a chess tutorial, regardless of how many features it offers, if you don’t understand how to use it. With so many options for online chess downloads, finding one that is user-friendly won’t take too much work.

Today, chess has moved into the new millennia, giving people from all over the world, young and old alike, the ability to match wits with other chess enthusiasts.