New Year S Resolutions

The New Year”s tradition of making resolutions dates all the way back to approximately 2000 B.C. in ancient Babylon. However, back then the most popular New Year”s resolution was to return borrowed farm equipment.

New Year”s resolutions have somewhat evolved over time, but the principle is the same: The New Year amounts to a clean slate, so people set goals for themselves to better their lives.

The most popular New Year”s resolutions are often:

  • to exercise regularly
  • to lose weight
  • to quit bad habits, such as nail biting or fidgeting
  • to quit smoking
  • to save money.

Other people prefer to think of how they can help others when making a New Year”s resolution. Some resolutions along these lines include:

  • to help out friends and family more often
  • to pay a certain number of compliments each day
  • to volunteer at a charity.

The possibilities for a New Year”s resolution are endless. Resolutions can be general or very specific. They can be traditional resolutions or unusual resolutions.

Making a New Year”s resolution is often easier than keeping a New Year”s resolution. Many people find that the buddy system is necessary for keeping a resolution, especially if the resolution involves diet or exercise. Having a friend to keep you in line can help you keep your resolution.

Positive and negative reinforcement can also help with keeping New Year”s resolutions. Rewarding yourself when you do well with your resolution or taking away a privilege when you break your resolution can serve as incentive.

Our articles cover all aspects of New Year”s resolutions, including common resolutions, making and keeping a resolution, difficult resolutions, the history of resolutions and the top New Year”s resolutions.

Making a New Year”s Resolution

Coming up with a worthwhile New Year”s resolution can take some thought. What would you like to improve in your life? Is there a habit you”d like to quit? Is there an activity you wish you participated in more? The possibilities are endless.

Some people choose easier resolutions to avoid failure, but others like to give themselves a challenge when making a New Year”s resolution.

Common New Year”s Resolutions

While some people like to come up with their own New Year”s resolutions, others prefer to stick to the classics: losing weight, exercising, quitting smoking, etc. New Year”s resolutions don”t have to be original or creative to be worthwhile. Some of the most common New Year”s resolutions can be the most beneficial to a person”s health and life.

If you”re struggling to come up with a resolution, review some of the most common New Year”s resolutions.

Creative New Year”s Resolutions

Getting creative with New Year”s resolutions doesn”t have to be difficult. Think about the specific things you enjoy and the things you do every day. Is anything missing?

Moms might want to resolve to take a little time for themselves every day away from the kids, the home and everything else. If you play an instrument, maybe you”d consider resolving to give yourself more practice time or resolve to learn a difficult song. If you”re a workaholic, perhaps consider resolving to leave work at a certain time every day or limiting yourself to a certain number of work hours each week.

The possibilities are limitless for creative New Year”s resolutions.

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