Mother S Day Survey

Turning our heads to another important holiday, morefocused recently surveyed peoples thoughts on Mothers Day. Over 1,200 people answered questions about motherhood, their relationship with their mother both as a child and an adult and appropriate gifts for the occasion. Inviting variation, our focus group didnt simply consist of mothers: 69% were parents or guardians and 19% of the respondents were male. Just over half (57%) were mothers themselves.

For an interesting start, we found that motherhood may start earlier than you think. The majority of mothers (48%) reported that they first began to feel like a mother before their child was born (when they were pregnant). Others didnt feel like mothers until their baby was born (25%), or until after the baby was born and they returned home (21%).

No one ever said that being a mom is easy, and according to our survey, men are even less likely to think so. 88% of male respondents without children said that being a mom is difficult, and that figure fell only slightly among fathers (85%). Mommies get respect from women without children too: 86% rated the job as difficult. Practice may not make perfect, but it certainly appears to make the job easier as 71% of moms said that being a mom is a difficult endeavor.

Our survey begun to pry a little deeper as we quizzed respondents on their mothers mothering skills. It was a pleasant surprise to find that 71% described them as good with an additional 17% passing them as fair. The next two questions followed a similar pattern: 62% of respondents noted their relationship with their mother growing up was good, with 23% remembering it to be fair. Not surprisingly, the numbers climbed a little when we asked about respondents adult relationship with their mother: 70% said it was good with just 16% answering fair.

A whopping 80% of parents said theyre closer to their own children than their parents were with them (48% said theyre very much closer, 32% somewhat). Only 3% said not at all. This line of questioning led us to wonder how parenthood changed people. 86% of our respondents said that being a parent has helped them to understand their own parents better (50% very much, 36% somewhat). Bringing it back to the star of the show though, our respondents proved that Moms are still important as ever: 45% of parents admitted they ask their mom for parental advice.

But enough of this mushy stuff, now were finally able to answer the fundamental question, what gifts do mothers REALLY want to receive on Mothers Day? According to our survey, the majority of respondents (89% of moms, 83% non-moms) agreed that time spent with family is the best gift a mother can receive. However, when mothers were asked in a separate question what gift they WANTED MOST, only 38% selected time with family, although it was the number one answer. Other popular gifts (in order of popularity) were as follows: help around the house (11%), a homemade gift (8%), cards (8%), flowers/plants (7%) and meal at restaurant (7%).

So, did moms receive the gifts they wanted this year? According to our survey, not really, but greeting card companies will be happy. A whopping 71% of respondents said they were going to give their mother a card, followed by flowers/plants (30%). Only 23% said they were going to give their mom time with family, the most wanted gift. So does this mean we are horrible gift givers? Not likely. Time spent with family may not be feasible in an age where many families are spread across the country, or even the globe.

Now that weve run motherhood through our fair and pleasantly honest panel, next up are the Dads. Gentlemen, start your engines Dont forget Fathers Day on June 18th!

Mothers Day Survey
Question/Answer Responses Percentage
How difficult do you think it is to be a mom? 1190
very difficult 424 36%
difficult 562 47%
neither 153 13%
easy 41 3%
very easy 10 1%
How would you rate your own mothers mothering skills? 1229
very good 444 36%
good 423 34%
fair 224 18%
poor 111 9%
not applicable 27 2%
How would you describe your relationship with your mother while you were growing up? 1237
very good 320 26%
good 449 36%
fair 287 23%
poor 169 14%
not applicable 12 1%
How would you describe your adult relationship with your mother? 1246
very good 511 41%
good 368 30%
fair 204 16%
poor 85 7%
not applicable 78 6%
What gift(s) do you plan to give your Mother this Mothers Day? (Check all that apply) 1232
card 612 71%
homemade gift 72 8%
help around the house 68 8%
time with family 201 23%
flowers/plants 260 30%
meal at a restaurant 172 20%
clothing 60 7%
jewelry 66 8%
other 340 39%
nothing 43 5%
Are you a parent or guardian? 1229
yes 863 70%
no 366 30%
Are you a mom? 1237
yes 726 59%
no 511 41%
The best gift a mother can receive on Mothers Day is time spent with her family. 1221
strongly agree 630 52%
agree 446 37%
neither 103 8%
disagree 29 2%
strongly disagree 13 1%
The following question was asked to Moms only:
What gift(s) would you like to recieve this Mothers Day? (Check all that apply) 724
card 58 8%
homemade gift 60 8%
help around the house 80 11%
time with family 273 38%
flowers/plants 52 7%
meal at a restaurant 52 7%
clothing 12 2%
jewelry 28 4%
other 73 10%
nothing 36 5%
The following question was asked to Parents only:
Do you feel that you are closer to your children than your parents were with you? 854
very much 406 48%
somewhat 277 32%
not really 145 17%
not at all 26 3%
Has being a parent helped you to understand your own parents better? 851
very much 424 50%
somewhat 307 36%
not really 97 11%
not at all 23 3%
How often, if ever, have you asked your mother for parental advice? 716
very often 111 16%
often 211 29%
rarely 308 43%
never 86 12%