Manhattan Fashion Guru Handbag Designer Malini Murjani

In the world of fashion, iconic designers only garner global notoriety and brand recognition after years of innovation. But the New York and world fashion scenes welcomed a fresh face: Malini Murjani.

Malini Murjani: New York Fashion Royalty

India-born Malini Murjani launched her designer handbag collection in 2000, and has been gathering praise for her popular products ever since.
Murjani is from an enviable fashion pedigree. Her father, fashion mogul Mohan Murjani, was an investor for designers like Tommy Hilfiger and Gloria Vanderbilt. Hilfiger remembers Malini as a young girl playing fashion critic in her father’s office at the age of 8. Her grandfather, B.K.Murjani, founded the Murjani Group in 1930, the company that Mohan Murjani now chairs.
Despite being the daughter of a fashion mogul, Malini Murjani worked hard for her success. Her parents wanted her to study liberal arts at Columbia University instead of pursuing a career in fashion. Still, she graduated from the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York and quickly brought her handbag designs to the public.

What are Malini Murjani’s Designer Handbags Like?

Malini Murjani’s rich culture and exotic travels have had a major influence on her handbag collection, giving her creations a deeply personal touch. Her designs are famous for their exotic stones, intricate and edgy metal work, jeweled buckles and sensual leathers.
Murjani’s attention to detail was quickly noticed by fashion experts and consumers, as each bag is handcrafted. Some of her designs are even custom-made to buyers’ exact specification.

How Much Does a Malini Murjani Original Design Cost?

Malini Murjani’s designer handbags are less expensive than some competing fashion collections. Wallets and small clutches can cost around $300, while larger handbags can cost over $600.

Malini Murjani: A Prominent Female Perspective in New York Fashion

Malini Murjani brings a different perspective to the world of fashion, due to her storied past; Malini was born in Hong Kong, comes from Indian heritage and attended boarding school in England.