Making A New Year S Resolution

Making a New Year”s resolution that you”re willing and able to stick to can be a challenge. Many people abandon their New Year”s resolutions before January is even over.

Here are some tips to help you make a resolution you can keep!

Setting Reasonable Goals

Some goals take time and dedication to meet, so making goals that are reasonable is important when making a New Year”s resolution.

Also, it is important to make sure that you set a goal that is important to you. Making a New Year”s resolution simply for the sake of making a resolution isn”t enough: If your resolution isn”t important to you, you”ll have no reason to keep it.

Starting Small

While many people make multiple New Year”s resolutions, keeping one resolution can be hard enough. Choose the resolution that is most important to you and focus on that one goal.

Too many goals can leave people frustrated and lead them to abandon all of their resolutions, whereas if there is just one goal to focus on, keeping that resolution might be easier.

Get Specific and Put it in Writing

When making a New Year”s resolution, it”s important to avoid being vague. If your goal is to exercise more, make an exercise plan for yourself, or specify the number of times per week you want to exercise or the amount of time you want to exercise each day. If your goal is to bench press 100 pounds, set smaller milestones for yourself, such as 50 pounds by February, 75 pounds by May, etc.

Concrete goals are easier to focus on. For many people, writing down the resolution can also be helpful. Write reminders to yourself or put your new schedule on a calendar that you can see throughout the day.

A note to yourself can also be helpful, even if it”s just a sticky note placed in a strategic location. Placing a note on your alarm clock, bathroom mirror, computer frame or even in your wallet can constantly remind you of your resolution and reaffirm your goal.

Make it Meaningful

Choosing something that”s meaningful to you can also help you to make a resolution that you”ll keep. If raising your self-esteem and wearing a bikini in public next summer is important to you, focus on a diet and exercise plan to lose weight.

If buying a new car or a home is most important to you, resolve to save money, but don”t just stop there. Go through your finances and see where you could be saving money. Create limits and budget yourself to meet your saving goals.

If doing something worthwhile and serving the community is important to you, don”t just resolve to volunteer more. Set a number of hours for yourself (something reasonable) per week or per month, and look into some organizations you would enjoy working with.

If bettering yourself by quitting a bad habit is most important, don”t simply resolve to quit. Instead, come up with a quitting plan. Smokers should look into nicotine gum or patches, therapy or other methods they think could be effective.

Whatever resolution you choose to make, it”s important that it is a meaningful resolution. Most people slip up at least once with New Year”s resolutions, but those who pick meaningful resolutions typically won”t abandon their efforts altogether at the slip.


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