Maintaining An Active Lifestyle When Retiring In Arizona

Arizona is an ideal destination for just about anyone looking to make the most out of their retirement time. Those who want to spend their time in leisure and relaxation will have no difficulties doing so. It’s also entirely possible to maintain an active lifestyle when retiring in Arizona, with a wide variety of available activities for seniors looking to keep themselves physically occupied.

Golf Courses in Arizona

Golf is typically cited as a favorite activity among many retirees. Fittingly, the state of Arizona features a number of golf courses for enthusiasts of this leisurely but involving and intricate sport.
As an example of the sport’s availability, in the general area of Tucson, retired golf enthusiasts can tee off at more than twenty courses. Some of these were designed by renowned greats of the game, such as Jack Nicklaus and Tom Fazio.
Other courses can be found in and around most major areas of Arizona. Additionally, many planned retirement communities and resorts in the state also feature golf courses. The prices of these facilities will vary, with some offering reasonable rates and others on the much more expensive end.

Activities in Arizona’s Natural Areas

The wide variety of natural scenery in Arizona provides not only numerous sightseeing opportunities, but also offers retirees the ability to stay active. Hiking through the Grand Canyon is an excellent example of such an opportunity. Arizona’s many mountain ranges are also well-suited to retirees interested in hiking through rugged terrain.
Arizona is a landlocked state, with no coastline of any kind. Retirees looking to swim will have to do so in rivers, lakes or at the pools of Arizona’s various resorts.

Skiing at Mount Lemmon, Arizona

Skiing may not be an activity that comes to the mind of many retirees thinking of the available active pursuits in Arizona. Even so, the peak of Mount Lemmon, just outside Tucson, is suited for skiing due to its high altitude, approximately 9,000 feet above sea level.
The mountain is home to Mt. Lemmon Ski Valley, one of the few ski destinations in the southwestern United States. The temperatures, while cold enough to sustain snow, are far milder than most ski areas due to Arizona’s prevailing warm climate. Those wishing to ski at Mt. Lemmon will do well to keep convenience tips for retiring to Arizona in mind, and have warm clothing on hand for this purpose.