M 4 Carbine

Convenience and flexibility played a part in the design of the M-4 Carbine firearm. Soldiers can carry this lighter and shorter weapon into many battlefield situations. Without the bulkiness of a full-length rifle, the M-4 can be carried easily on the shoulder or hip through the streets of war-torn cities or into the overgrown jungles of third-world countries.

The M-4 Carbine looks like a smaller version of the ever-popular M16A2 rifle. The U.S. military wanted to give their troops something more accurate but powerful to shoot than their 9mm submachine guns. Troops wanted something easier to handle while in close-quarter battles.

Users of the M-4 Carbine

Throughout history, carbine firearms were designed to be the shorter, less cumbersome style of a rifle or musket. Often, those carbines shot the same ammunition at a slower speed than their bigger counterparts.

The M-4 Carbine assault weapon was originally ordered in small batches by the Army in the mid-1990s. Quickly-deployed combat units received the first M-4 rifles. Because of its small barrel and collapsible stock, the weapon became a hit with those working in smaller places such as military vehicles or while walking the narrow streets within foreign cities. In today ‘s wars, the M-4 has become the preferred weapon of the Army ‘s Special Forces.

Marine officers have been ordered to carry the M-4 carbine. Their former M9 Beretta pistols did not have the firepower or accuracy needed in modern-day conflicts. The semi-automatic, three-round blast weapon is carried by all types of military personnel, including:

  • clerks
  • officers
  • special operations.

The M-4 model gives personnel power without carrying around a long rifle. The weapon, however, should not be used in long-range combat or when trying to shoot through certain structures.

The design of this gas-operated, air-cooled military gun makes it only 5.9 pounds when empty and just one pound heavier with 30 rounds attached and a sling. The length of the barrel extends to 14.5 inches.

The M-4 is effective at ranges of 150 meters or less, with a maximum range of 460 meters.

Beginnings of the M-4 Military Gun

Colt Firearms designs and manufactures the M-4 for the United States military. A contract with the government gives Colt the right to exclusively produce M-4 weapons through 2009. The M4 carbine costs the United States about 800 dollars without all the gadgets. The cost goes up by 500 dollars if the military wants the weapon equipped with a mounting system for:

  • aiming devices
  • flashlights
  • magazines.

The M-4 Carbine came from the same design as the M16, which was based on the original AR-15 weapon made by ArmaLite. The M-4 remains a much shorter and lighter version of the M16A2 assault rifle with about 85 percent of the same parts and characteristics. The M-4 also delivers the same semi-automatic and three-round bursts of firepower as the M16A2.

The carbine allows a soldier to engage enemies in close proximity with accuracy and lethal firepower. The 5.56 mm ammunition can be shot from the weapon at a rate of 700-950 rounds per minute.

The sale or purchase of a select-fire or fully-automatic M-4 can only be done legally by military or civilian law enforcement. Private citizens with special circumstances and special permission from the government may own a M-4 carbine.