Locales For Retiring In Southland Otago And Canterbury New Zealand

Southland, Otago and Canterbury, New Zealand have a lot to offer retirees looking for a change of pace from Auckland and Wellington. Whether you’re looking for a quaint country retirement or an active retirement in a college town, these regions have something to offer.

Retiring in Southland, New Zealand

Southland New Zealand is located at the southern-most point of South Island, and conditions are much colder and damper than other areas. The coastal regions see cool summers and mild winters, and snow falls frequently just inland. The average winter temperature is about 42 degrees Fahrenheit.
Due to its proximity to the South Pole, the Aurora Australis, or “Southern Lights,” are more visible than in other regions, attracting many visitors.
The Southland Museum and Art Gallery is the region’s largest cultural institute. It hosts art collections and has an observatory open to stargazers from April to August. Like many of New Zealand’s museums, the Southland Museum and Art Gallery is free of charge.

Retiring in Otago, New Zealand

Otago offers retirees a variety of options from a rural retirement to a retirement in one of New Zealand’s most popular cities, Dunedin. The city has a thriving music scene, but retirees may prefer the countryside as it’s a bit of a party town for college students and young adults. Dunedin is home to many restaurants and cafes and may be a nice spot for retirees from the countryside to visit for the day.
Take the Taieri Gorge Railway for a scenic tour. It’s New Zealand’s longest tourist route, traveling along the Tairi River banks and up the Taieri Gorge.

Retiring in Canterbury, New Zealand

The Canterbury region of New Zealand is composed of the Canterbury plains and its surrounding mountains. It’s a popular wine growing region, known mostly for its Riesling, Sauvignon Blanc, and Chardonnay.
Canterbury, New Zealand is the home of Christchurch, which was considered by many to be one of the country’s most livable cities. Unfortunately, the city incurred significant damage from an earthquake in February 2011. Relief efforts have come a long way, and the city still has a lot to offer.
One way residents have worked to keep the city thriving has been to move entertainment and cultural events to the less affected outskirts of the city. Retirees who have their hearts set on a retirement in Christchurch may want to consider its suburbs instead.
Many international groups, including the existing expat community in New Zealand have made efforts to help in the aftermath of the earthquake.