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People who are considering retiring abroad and living overseas during their golden years often anticipate sunny beaches, lower daily expenses and an easier pace of living. While it’s true that retiring abroad can encompass all these things, moving overseas may also involve some major cultural adjustments, which come more easily for some ex-patriots than others.

Moving Overseas: Tips for Culture Adaptation

If you’re planning to retire abroad, some of these moving overseas tips can help ease the cultural transition:

  1. Choose your destination country carefully. Do some thorough researching before deciding where to retire. Certain activities that you enjoy may or may not be as available in the country where you plan to live. Planning an extended visit before moving overseas is the best way to find out firsthand about your desired destination.
  2. Find an ex-patriot community. Living overseas will be much easier if you move somewhere with an established community of ex-patriot retirees, with whom you share the same culture and language. Depending on your preferences, the presence of an ex-patriot community could be a deterrent, as some retirees living overseas prefer to assimilate into the culture of their destination.
  3. Consider your cultural expectations. Are they realistic? Your ideas of social interaction, how daily business is conducted and how certain community functions are organized (such as the healthcare system) may not be accurate. Uncover the truth before moving overseas. Tips and advice from other retirees who have gone before you may help as well.

Moving Overseas: Tips for Dealing with Language Barriers

Becoming fluent in a new language late in life may be an uphill climb, but it can certainly be done. To make serious progress and learn more than a few basic phrases, start learning long before moving overseas. Signing up for a class or enlisting a tutor will give you the best possible start.

If you haven’t learned the language and plan to learn while you’re living overseas, be prepared for some measure of loneliness and frustration. Find local resources, including English-speaking establishments and English-speaking ex-patriot communities that you can turn to when you need to reach out.