Libertarian Party Stance Demographics And Highlights

In American politics, the Republican Party platform is often called right-wing. In general, beliefs lean strongly toward the conservative side, with some differences existing between the philosophies of liberal Republicans and the more religious and evangelical Republicans.

Currently, the Republican Party is taking a hard stance on such issues as abortion and stem cell research.

Republican Ideologies

The ideologies behind the Republican platform focus on equality for all, with less assistance and control from government entities. In general, Republicans believe in fairly earned wages and equal taxation, regardless of income.

Republicans also push for reduced socialized services, using the failures of other countries as a basis for their beliefs. As a party, Republicans believe that each individual can make wiser personal decisions than can the government, especially with regard to health care and housing.

On the other hand, Republicans are sensitive to care for the poor and disabled. As a party, however, they put forth the belief that private organizations can better meet the needs of the poor and disabled than can the government. The Republican Party favors faith-based initiatives, which gives organizations greater access to government grants to carry out specialized programs.

The so-called religious right of the Republican Party are anti-abortion, against gay marriage and in favor of prayer in school. A push to teach creationism alongside evolution is also a part of the fundamentalist involvement.

In post-9/11 America, the Republican Party also supports the ability of the United States to fight terrorism. To this end, the party stance remains in favor of a preemptive philosophy.

Republican Stance on Economics and Policy

Here’s a rundown of the Republican Party’s stance on some major issues:

  • Economy: The Republican Party takes an aggressive stance against improper trade practices and the enforcement of existing trade agreements. The party also seeks assistance for domestic businesses faced with increased foreign competition.
  • Energy: The party has a monetary commitment to seek ways to reduce energy use. It also seeks the development of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge for energy purposes.
  • Foreign Policy: Republicans support participation in international organizations that work toward goals of healthier economies, fair trade and increased security for all.
  • Homeland Security: The Republican Party seeks to eliminate the threat of terrorism and denounces countries that harbor or support terrorists and terrorist regimes in any way.
  • Immigration: The party supports fair reforms in immigration laws that are within all legal boundaries.
  • Labor: The Republican Party supports right-to-work laws, which make it illegal for trade unions to demand membership or payment as a condition of employment.
  • Taxes: Republicans as a whole support the lowering of income taxes for individuals. They also support tax-free initiatives for education, increased child credits and a reduction of marriage penalties.

The Republican Party platform also focuses on the following personal and educational issues:

  • Education: The Republican Party platform promises to allow local flexibility in educational choices and encourages higher levels of academic achievement for all students.
  • Health Care: The Republican Party seeks affordable health care through savings plans with lower premiums, higher deductibles and flexible choices for home and business.
  • Social Security: The Republican Party has a focus on personal retirement accounts and promises that benefits will not be reduced or cut for those now receiving Social Security.