Kindergarten Graduation

Kindergarten is a type of pre-school that prepares children from ages four to six years old for elementary school. Although some kindergartens are more formal in nature, others may be part time educational daycares. Once a child finishes up this program and is about to turn seven, he or she is ready to graduate from kindergarten and move on to primary school.

While kindergarten graduations will naturally be less formal ceremonies, they are still important in that they give young students a sense of honor and pride in themselves and their first notable academic achievements. Whether you are a teacher planning a kindergarten graduation or are just the proud parent of a graduating kindergartener, you”ll want to keep reading to learn more about kindergarten graduation ceremonies!

Preparing for a Kindergarten Graduation Ceremony

Like other graduations, kindergarten graduations should take place in the spring or early summer (anywhere from May to the end of June) to give the parents and children time to prepare for first grade. About two to three months before the planned graduation date, speak to representative of a graduation gear distributor to get package options for young graduates.

While much of the ceremony itself will be relaxed and fun, adding a bit of formality to it by having the kindergartners wear caps and gowns is a nice way to have the young graduates acknowledge the significance of their accomplishments. Companies such as Jostens and Herff Jones are good sources for graduation gowns, caps, announcements and invitations. These graduation packages tend to range in cost from $20 to $75, depending on the number of announcements, invitations and other commemorative items you wish to order.

As you are preparing for the kindergarten graduation, keep in mind that you will need to plan all aspects of the ceremony weeks beforehand so that you and the kindergarteners can practice a few times before the big day.

The Graduation Ceremony

While you can add any elements you see fit, here is a general outline of a kindergarten graduation ceremony:

  • Start the ceremony by having the graduates walk in a single file line to the tune of Pomp and Circumstance, the traditional graduation song. Have the graduates sit in a prearranged assembly, preferably facing the parents and audience in a tiered manner for optimum photo opportunities.
  • Once all of the graduates are sitting, one of the kindergarten teachers should give an introductory speech that welcomes the parents and acknowledges the accomplishments of the graduates on stage.
  • After the speech, have the graduates sing a few prearranged songs for the parents.
  • Another speech can occur at this point, or, depending on the number of graduates in the ceremony, you can start the procession of each individual student collecting his or her graduation certificate.
  • In the procession, have one teacher call each student by name. Inform the students that once their names are called, they are to walk across stage, accept their certificates and either file out of the room or return to their seats.
  • Once all of the certificates have been distributed, have the children walk out in a single file line to either Pomp and Circumstance or some other song.

At this point, the official ceremony is done. You may consider assembling the children once more as a class for a special photo opportunity for the parents.

Graduation Reception

After the ceremony, a graduation reception in which the new graduates and parents can mingle with the teachers and each other is a nice way to close the ceremony. While teachers and the school staff can supply refreshments, such a punch and finger foods, if the school is small enough (which most kindergartens are), the reception can also be potluck style.