Kids And Valentine S Day

Children and Valentine”s Day go together beautifully. Kids get excited getting and giving Valentine”s Day cards and also enjoy eating all of the chocolates and candy. Children can also get into the festive spirit by making Valentine”s Day crafts and taking part in Valentine”s Day games and activities.

While adults often focus on romance on Valentine”s Day, children often associate the holiday with having fun with their peers, making Valentine”s Day crafts and decorations and exchanging cards with friends at classroom parties.

Valentine”s Day Gift Bags

One of the simplest Valentine”s Day activities you can do with your child is buying candy for Valentine”s Day so that you and she can make gift bags that she can pass out to her friends. However, if you want to limit the candy, take your child to a local dollar store and add fun toys and trinkets to the bags instead.

Let your child select packs of fancy pencils, stickers and other little items and then either buy festive gift bags or decorate brown paper lunch bags and put the goodies inside! Finish the day of shopping with a burger, ice cream or other treat and you”ve already made Valentine”s Day a special event for your child!

Valentine”s Day: Fun Parties for Kids

If you”re really ambitious and are looking to do something super special for your child and his friends on Valentine”s Day, you could throw a Valentine”s Day party. At the party, you could set up a station for kids to decorate their own cupcakes or build their own ice cream sundaes. Then, you could have the group make Valentine”s Day crafts. Try decorating heart-shaped baker”s clay ornaments. Or, you could simply have the kids cut hearts out of red construction paper and decorate them with glitter, markers, etc.

Coming up with some fun Valentine”s Day games for little partygoers is easy. Many traditional party games are easily transformed into Valentine”s Day activities. Pin the Tail on the Donkey, for instance, could change to Shoot Cupid”s Arrow. Simply have the kids try to pin a tiny paper arrow to the center of a big paper heart! The one who hits the center or who comes as close as possible to the center wins a special prize!

Valentine”s Day Activities for Parents and Kids

Feb. 14 is also a wonderful time to spend some quality one-on-one time with your child. Let your child be your special Valentine and invite him on a Valentine”s “date” to the zoo or a movie.

You could also let your child design the plans for the day and have him choose a favorite fun activity. Painting pottery together or going roller skating are some other unconventional, fun ways for you and your child to celebrate Valentine”s Day.

Valentine”s Day Crafts for Kids

Making Valentine”s Day crafts can become a family tradition. Rather than buying prepackaged Valentine”s Day cards, make cards as a family instead. A pack of construction paper, safety scissors, non-toxic glue and crayons are a good foundation for making beautiful and personalized cards. Add some of the following craft supplies and turn card-making into one of your annual Valentine”s Day activities:

  • dried flowers
  • dried pasta pieces
  • glitter glue
  • lace
  • photos
  • plastic beads
  • ribbon
  • stickers.

Valentine”s Day: Fun and Festive Decorations

Decorating is another fun way to make Valentine”s Day really special for kids.One of the easiest Valentine”s Day decorations to make is to cut out a big heart from large construction paper or red felt. After cutting out the heart, kids can decorate it.

If you are looking for a good classroom activity or an activity to entertain a large group of children, have each child decorate a small paper heart. Then, punch holes in each of the hearts and string them together with ribbon to create a Valentine”s Day paper chain!

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