July 4th Safety

Independence Day celebrations can be great fun if they”re held with safety considerations and awareness in mind. Because July 4th celebrations are often held outdoors, barbecues and fireworks can raise some major safety concerns. Knowing how to minimize risky behaviors will keep you, your family and friends happy and healthy this Independence Day.

Firework Displays

Every year, millions of Americans turn out to revel in dazzling fireworks displays. But these shows are far more complicated than meets the nave eye. Often, planning for the variety of fireworks used is an involved process. These pyrotechnic displays generally demand careful choreography and technical expertise. Learn more about facts and trivia about fireworks used in commercial displays. Read on to learn more about firework displays.

Consumer Fireworks

Although most states allow the use of various types of fireworks, some have restricted or completely banned their use. If you live in a firework friendly location, be aware of the different types of fireworks. Knowing the difference between a flying spinner and a parachute will help you determine which fireworks are safest for you and your party guests. Read on to learn more about consumer fireworks.

Firework Safety

If you plan to light fireworks this year at your July 4th festivities, make sure to read up on these dos and donts of fireworks safety. You should make sure, for example, that only adults are handling the fireworks and avoid lighting fireworks in windy weather. Of all the injuries people incur from being irresponsible with fireworks, hand and finger injuries are the most common. In 2003, emergency rooms treated about 9300 burns and injuries related to fireworks misuse. Read on to learn more about firework safety.