Italian Design And Distribution Sergio Rossi

Italy has long been a hub of European fashion. Cities like Milan and Florence, along with the glamorous French city of Paris, were some of the first areas to combine high fashion with art. Italian designer Sergio Rossi, famous for his women’s shoes and fine handbags, continues this tradition.

Sergio Rossi’s Rise to Design Fame

Sergio Rossi, the son of an Italian shoemaker, began his fashion career in the 50s. Like many other famous success stories, he started out at the bottom of the design industry, selling his first designs in Bologna, Italy, in 1966.
By the 80s, the Sergio Rossi brand name was a major label in the fashion world. During this decade, he grew his business from his first outlet in Ancona, Italy, and established stores in:
• Brussels, Belgium
• Florence, Italy
• London
• Los Angeles
• New York
• Rome
• Turin, Italy.
Rossi collaborated with some of the greatest talents in fashion during his career, including