Internet Safety Programs And Devices For Your Computer

The world wide web doesn’t have to be an endless realm with no protections for your children. Many Internet safety programs and devices are available for your computer and other web-enabled devices that allow you to control what your children have access to online.

Internet Safety Precautions Already Built Into Your Service
Your Internet browser should allow you to block certain sites and words from your searches, and this program can be password protected to allow authorized adults to bypass the system.

Firewalls prevent unauthorized access from infiltrating your computer. Make sure that you have enabled your computer’s firewall to prevent hackers from breaking into your system.

Internet Safety Programs: Additional Devices on the Market
If your computer doesn’t come equipped with anti-virus and anti-spyware programs, make sure to purchase this software. Children and adults can unknowingly open links and click on sites that contain harmful viruses or worms that can steal information from your computer.

In addition to the parental controls available through most Internet service providers, several safety devices are available on the market that help protect kids. Some companies offer software upgrades, while others sell devices that plug into your computer and record online activities like an airplane’s black box. Even if the computer’s history is erased, the devices will still have information about every site visited.

Internet Safety Precautions and Programs for Smartphones and Tablet Devices
Smartphones and tablets have brought a new window to the Internet to our finger tips, but they have also made the Internet more accessible to young children and teens. Be careful when loaning your device to a child for them to make a phone call or play a simple game.

Touch screens and instant purchases make this a dangerous realm. Parents have found mysterious charges on their phone bill after children unknowingly purchased new apps or add-ons for the phone. Children can also gain one-touch access to the Internet through a smartphone, where the safety checks and blocking systems on your computer don’t apply.

Although your kids may know how to be safe on the Internet, navigating the web on a smartphone or tablet is a different ballgame. Many devices allow you to require a password or code to access the screens after they have gone idle or been turned off. This safeguard can prevent your children from using your device without your knowledge.