Hunting Game

For thousands of years, people have hunted as a means of gathering food as well as for sport. While some hunters hunt a variety of animals, others choose to specialize in hunting a particular species. Often, the type of hunting you enjoy will be largely dependant on the area of the country in which you live.

When hunting game, the equipment you”ll need will depend on your target animal. For example, if you enjoy big game hunting, you”ll need a more powerful rifle than a hunter who enjoys hunting game birds.

In this section we”ll give you tips on hunting a variety of game. Whether you enjoy big game hunting or prefer hunting for wild turkeys, our articles will provide you with valuable information on necessary equipment, hunting seasons, hunting restrictions and more.

Deer and Moose

Deer are one of the more popular animals to hunt. Not only do hunters enjoy the sport of deer hunting, but many also prize the meat of deer, also called venison.

Next time you”re enjoying deer hunting, keep the following tips in mind:

  • Before an actual hunt, go scouting for deer. This will give you an idea of where deer gather and will also inform you of their feeding times, movement patterns, etc.
  • Deer are often most active at dawn and dusk. In order to have the most success, try deer hunting during these times.
  • When you find spots in which deer tend to gather, mark them on a map so that you can easily locate them in the future.

Many hunters also enjoy hunting for moose. Moose are the largest of the deer family and have seven sub-species, four of which can be found in North America.

The largest member of the moose family is the Alaskan moose, which can weigh as much as 1,800 pounds. In general, however, moose are the size of a horse.

Hunters looking to enjoy deer and moose hunting are likely to find success in forested areas containing young trees and swampy lakes.

Wild Turkey Hunting

When people think of hunting, they might not instantly think of wild turkey hunting. However, wild turkeys often provide hunters with an exciting hunt as well as nutritious and tasty meat.

Tips for those who enjoy wild turkey hunting:

  • Before your actual hunting trip, scout a turkey and observe his daily routine. You”ll have more success calling a turkey to an area that he is already planning to visit.
  • Knowing a variety of turkey calls will increase your chance for success.
  • Once you”ve spotted a wild turkey, you”ll need to call to get his attention. However, begin with soft calls, as loud and aggressive calls might scare your turkey and cause him to leave.
  • Wild turkeys have excellent vision. In order to conceal yourself, use camouflage not only on yourself but also on your equipment.

By following a few simple steps and remaining patient, you can ensure a successful and fun wild turkey hunt.


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