How To Play Chess The Game Of Chess

The game of chess has a long history that spans many cultures and continents throughout the world. While the precise origins of chess remain unknown, experts suggest that the modern game of chess was derived from an ancient game played in India nearly two thousand years ago.

The Chess Culture

Today, chess is reportedly the most popular game in the world. Many chess players comment, however, on the fact that the game seems more respected in Europe than in the United States. Some point out that perhaps chess, which was immensely popular in the 1970s, is just a trend in the United States that has declined in pop culture status. Regardless, the game of chess continues to build communities of devoted players, as it has for centuries.

While chess is traditionally played on a board over with players face each other, technology and the Internet age have evolved the way people play the game. Not only can chess players play chess any time they want, as there is always a ready opponent in an online chess game room, but people can also play chess with players around the world.

Chess in the Internet Age

Along with offering endless chess games and opponents, the Internet has also revolutionized the chess game through:

  • articles that can teach people how to play the game
  • chat rooms that allow players to meet and chat with other chess players around the world
  • expert blogs that present and discuss different chess strategies
  • online chess clubs and communities that allow players to socialize and compete against each other
  • online tournaments that allow players to test their skills.

Many of these sites require membership, further enforcing the feeling of belonging to an actual community or group. While some may require you to pay a minimal membership fee (that usually starts at about $20 for a year’s membership), other online chess communities are free.

Because members range in skill level and experience, communities are a great way for those just getting into the game to learn from seasoned players. For the more experienced chess player, joining an online chess club can put in contact with equal or better players, helping you further challenge yourself and refine your chess skills.

Local Chess Groups and Tournaments

If you want to find a local chess group so you can play the game in person, a quick online search can tell you more about local chess clubs in your area. In fact, the United States Chess Federation lists chess clubs and upcoming tournaments by state.

Other places you can go to play chess include:

  • coffee houses (Many have tabletop chess boards. Call ahead to see if you need to bring your own pieces.)
  • community centers
  • libraries
  • parks (Larger parks in metropolitan areas usually have chess boards built into park tables.)

Whether you are looking for a quick game or want to test your skills in a tournament, playing chess regularly is the best way to improve your skills.

If you regularly play with a friend or family member, consider getting out into the community and playing a game with a new acquaintance. This is the best way to learn new strategies for the game. This can also lead to making contacts and learning more about your local chess community.

Chess: A Game for All Ages

Perhaps, one of the main reasons for the popularity of chess is its scalability. Chess can be played on any level and by players of any age, ranging from young children just able to understand the basic concepts to the elderly who have been playing for decades.

In fact, chess is a game that you can see grandparents playing with their grandchildren. Playing chess with your children or grandchildren is a good way to bond with them while teaching them critical thinking skills through the classic, honored game of chess.