How To Improve The Psychic Abilities

Those hunches and insights you have so often may not be just coincidences. While psychic phenomena have yet to be scientifically proven, many people suspect that they have some degree of psychic ability. According to psychic experts, anyone can develop his or her psychic ability with some training and practice.

As you start to develop your psychic abilities, experts contend that you must first accept that psychic powers exist and tell yourself daily that you are a psychic. Researching how to improve the psychic abilities and reading literature about them are also activities that aspiring psychics need to perform regularly to hone their abilities.

Practice will not ensure that you will become psychic, but if you don’t try, chances are that you won’t improve your psychic abilities. As a result, experts suggest that those developing their psychic abilities relax, open their minds and concentrate. Aspiring psychics can start practicing by trying to predict small, inconsequential events, such as who is calling before answering the phone.

How to Improve Your Psychic Ability

There are several things you can do to improve and expand your psychic potential. These include:

  • being aware: Try to be more aware of the environment around you. Close your eyes and listen. As you do so, try to determine what surrounds you at different times of the day. This will help you focus on images and messages that you don’t receive through one of the five senses.
  • consciously imagining things: This allows you to imagine possibilities and act out these possibilities without actually following through with them. Practice imagining scenarios in great detail. This will allow the mind to prepare itself for psychic scenarios.
  • having a positive attitude: Being optimistic will definitely increase your chances of developing your psychic abilities. Start the day off by reading literature that will have a positive influence on you. Print up some positive affirmations and tape them up around your room so you can ponder them during the day. This will help you maintain positive thoughts throughout the day.
  • meditating: Meditating, the act of quietly focusing on some thought, will allow you to become one with yourself, enhancing the connection between your mind, body and spirit.
  • relaxing: Guided imagery is the act of consciously focusing on relaxing to decrease heart rate and calm the body. Practice guided imagery daily, if possible, to help yourself to relax. This will cause a decrease in the rate at which you breathe, allowing you to lower your stress levels. Learning how to consciously relax will also help you to be more patient and understanding.

Psychic Ability Tests and Other Tools

Along with the above practices, you can also do the following daily to test and further develop your psychic abilities:

  • scanning: Stand in front of another person and scan them. Close your eyes and continue scanning them up and down, imagining them as a ball of light. Note any colors, words or sensations that come to mind.
  • predicting: Imagine yourself going through the next day and write down three predictions for the day. This can include people, colors, feelings and sensations.
  • online tests: Take any psychic ability tests you find online at different times of the day. After taking a few tests daily for a week or so, see when you perform at your peak.

Continuing to Develop Psychic Abilities

There are many things that you can do to develop psychic abilities. The suggestions here are just a sampling of these exercises. Consider them a starting point that will allow you to determine if real potential psychic ability is present.

Above all, be positive. Remind yourself daily: “Developing my psychic ability takes time, but the rewards are worth the effort.”