How To Get The Best Deals On Holiday Gifts 3 Tips

In some cases, picking out the right gift is the most challenging part of Christmas shopping. However, if you have something particular in mind, or if recipients on your gift list request a specific item, the focus shifts from finding the right gift to finding the gift at the right price. Holiday comparison shopping, both in stores and online, will ensure you’re getting the most for your money.

Tip #1: If You’re Shopping in Stores, Do Your Research

When you do your Christmas shopping in a store, you can see items in person before you buy and avoid shipping fees. If you’re going to shop in brick-and-mortar stores, research prices before you start. This will save you both money and time when you comparison shop for Christmas. Be sure to monitor the sales circulars in the months and weeks before Christmas, so you’ll know when and where your desired items are going on sale. In some cases, stores can inform you in advance about upcoming promotions or markdowns.

Tip #2: Use Coupons and Discount Codes

Christmas shopping with coupons is another money-saving strategy that will help you get your desired items at the best possible price. Many retailers will send you coupons periodically when you sign up for their mailing lists. You may receive coupons in the mail at your home, or electronic coupons via email that can be used on shopping websites or in-store. If you get a coupon each month from a specific retailer, try to purchase one holiday gift with each coupon. This spreads out the cost of your holiday purchases over time, and allows you save even more by using a coupon on each purchase.

You can also search online for discount codes, which you can enter on the checkout page when using shopping websites. Discount codes may offer a percentage off your total purchase, free shipping or a discount of a certain dollar amount with a minimum purchase.

Tip #3: Research Online

A number of shopping websites are dedicated to helping you with holiday comparison shopping. These sites search among various retailers to find the best prices on the items you want. You can shop by category or by item to find the lowest prices. Items can be sorted by price, retailer, brand or product rating. You can even download applications for your cell phone that can scan the barcode on an item, then provide you with a list of retailers in your area that offer that item at the best price.

Remember, if you’re doing much of your Christmas shopping on online shopping websites, be sure to account for shipping costs in your holiday budget. Pay attention to shipping deadlines as well; many websites provide an “order by” deadline date for arrival by Christmas via regular shipping, and charge extra for express shipping if you order late.