Housewarming Gifts

A house is the largest purchase most people ever make. Whether buyers are single, married or have a family, they usually need a little help getting settled. Often, the buyer throws a housewarming party for friends and family shortly after moving into the new abode. This party allows friends and family to tour the house. Most of these guests bring housewarming gifts with them to help the buyer celebrate.

Traditional Housewarming Gifts

Traditional housewarming gifts have a centuries-long history. Friends and family members brought specific symbolic items to bless the new house. These gifts varied by culture, but they typically included:

  • Bread, so that the family would never go hungry
  • Brooms to sweep away troubles
  • Candles to provide light and banish dark times
  • Coins for luck
  • Olive oil for health
  • Salt, so that life would always have flavor
  • Sugar or honey, as a reminder of life’s sweetness
  • Wine, for joy and prosperity.

If you choose to give traditional housewarming gifts, find a creative way to package them. You shouldn’t just hand over a canister of salt and a pound of sugar and call it a day. Gift baskets provide an attractive way to package items like candles, wine and coins.

Alternatively, you could create a gourmet food gift basket with flavorful breads, chocolate (for sugar) and popcorn (for salt). Finish off the basket with a welcoming card expressing your good wishes for the recipients in their new house and explaining the symbolism of each item.

Other traditional housewarming gifts are a little more exotic. Some of these housewarming gifts include:

  • Bamboo stalks, which are meant to bring luck
  • Bonsai trees
  • Plants
  • Wind chimes.

Modern Gifts for a Housewarming Party

You may wish to forego traditional housewarming gifts for a variety of reasons. For example, you may want your gift to be unique. Or perhaps you know the family well and wish to give something more personal. In either case, taking a more modern gift to a housewarming party is perfectly acceptable.

If this is the buyer’s first home, then gadgets, tools and accessories make good housewarming gifts. Coffee makers, barware, pots and pans, serving platters, silverware, baking accessories, tools, sheets and towels are all popular housewarming gifts. Gifts that save energy, like water-saving showerheads or thermal curtains make unique housewarming gifts.

Check with the recipients ahead of time to find out whether they have specific items they’d like to receive or whether they’ve signed up for a gift registry. If you’re really stumped or if your recipient seems to already have everything, consider a gift card to a home-decoration or home-improvement store.