Hot Weather Clothing

Staying cool during hot weather has a lot to do with the clothes you wear. Certain materials and colors will make you feel cooler, while others will absorb heat. Similarly, the fabrics and styles of the clothes you wear can be designed to hold in or release heat, depending on the types of clothing you wear.

Another important concept for keeping cool is to stay dry. For example, because sweat and humidity can make you feel hotter and weigh you down, making sure that you’re hydrated and wearing materials that will allow your skin to breathe are also effective ways of beating the heat.

Dressing in layers can also help during hot weather, especially if you will be outside during temperature or humidity changes. Multiple layers allow you to remove clothing when the weather gets hot and put extra layers back on if you cool down.

Along with clothing you wear, accessories such as visors, hats and sarongs can also help keep you cool in hot weather. Other popular hot weather clothing items include:

  • shorts or capri pants
  • summer dresses or sun dresses
  • tank tops.

Some companies are now also producing clothing lines that protect people from the sun and incorporate SPF protection. While these clothing items may be slightly more expensive than regular clothing, the protection your skin gains may make the cost worthwhile.

In this section, we’ll discuss many different types of hot weather clothing, including sun protective clothes, adventure clothing, hats and sarongs. We’ll also explain how to keep cool by staying dry during hot weather.

Sun Protective Clothes

Sun protective clothing can be extremely helpful for outdoor activities, such as hiking, outdoor sports or simply relaxing on the beach. These types of clothes feature an SPF level that will act like sunscreen by preventing the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays from penetrating your clothes and burning your skin.

As an added fun feature, some types of sun protective clothing change color in sunlight. Specialty stores and many Internet retailers carry full lines of sun protective clothes.

Adventure Clothing

Adventure clothing includes any type of outdoor clothing useful for hikers, campers and other outdoor adventurers. Adventure clothing generally features materials that are light in weight, flexible and breathable, allowing adventurers to continue their activities without worrying about the state of their clothing.

Similarly, many pieces of adventure clothing feature extra pockets to store necessary tools and/or supplies. Cargo pants and hiking boots are among the many different types of adventure clothing.


Hats are among the most important pieces of hot weather clothing. Hats protect your head and, in some cases, your eyes, face and neck from sunburn. They come in many varieties, sizes and colors. Depending on the sport or activity you are participating in, you can choose between a number of different types of hats.


A sarong is an article of hot weather clothing that can be tied and worn in many different ways. Depending on how you arrange and tie them, sarongs can be worn as skirts, bathing suit covers and even dresses. They are generally made of lightweight material and can come in assorted sizes, colors and patterns.

While considered mostly a summer clothing item, sarongs can, in fact, be worn year-round. Before wearing a sarong, it’s important to learn the many correct ways of draping and tying sarongs.