Horseback Riding

So, you know how to ride and love the horse, but you”re getting tired of improving your seat and wish that riding could be a bit more…well, exciting?

You”ve come to the right place. Not only will we help you decide what type of sport might be best for you, but we can help you figure out what you need (and what it might cost youor your parents!), and how to do it safely.

As you know, every sport has its own inherent risks and dangers. Horseback riding is no different. In fact, horseback riding requires careful attention to detail (before, during and after the competition), or else you might find yourself lying flat on the ground with a severe head injury. Don”t say you weren”t warned.

We have several articles that will help you find out more about some of the exciting and beautiful equine riding sports. Be sure to check them out!

If you”ve loved horses all your lifeparticularly if you love the smell of horses (the true test)then you owe it to yourself and your horse to find out about equine sports, from the genteel horseback ballet known as dressage to the rough-riding, gut-twisting thrill of rodeo racing.

Isn”t it about time you won first place?

This section is divided into multiple articles covering:

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