Horse Grooming

Never underestimate the power of grooming! A stabled horse should be groomed daily. Field-kept horses also need regular grooming. In the case of the latter, particular care should be taken to avoid removing the essential oils from the animal”s coat, as a horse who lives outdoors during the winter months requires extra warmth and protection.

Grooming has several functions. Effective grooming not only maintains cleanliness and condition but, as a form of equine massage, it also plays an important role in promoting circulation and preventing disease.

Investing in the right equipment to maintain your horse”s coat is an excellent way to protect your horse”s health. If you”re not sure about what is involved in grooming your horse, find out. For your horse”s sake, you should learn the ins and outs of grooming. From currycombs and hoof picks to making a blaze or socks glow, be sure you understand what you”re getting into.

What type of shampoo is best for your horse? You can find shampoos with built in insect-repelling capabilities, skin-soothing ingredients and highlighters. You can find spray-on versions or concentrates that you”ll have to dilute. Will he need a separate conditioner? Check your shampoo label: some also contain a conditioner. Some separate conditioners are to be used only on the mane and tail. Read all labels thoroughly.

If this is a new horse or if this is the first time you groom a horse, have an experienced person on hand to give assistance and advice. Here are some things to consider:

  • Will you have plenty of time?
  • Will you be using warm or cold water?
  • How will you dry your horse after his bath?
  • What finishing touches will your horse require?

Always consider your horse”s comfort, but be realistic about your time and available resources. Running a separate hot water line to the stable may be a bit excessive, at least in the beginning!

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