Homemade Holiday Decor

There is no need to spend too much of your holiday budget decorating your home for Christmas. Homemade decorations can give the same look as those bought at a store, for a small portion of the cost. With a little time and creativity, you can make your own Christmas crafts and holiday decorations to give your home some seasonal spirit.

Homemade Wreaths and Garlands

You can make beautiful homemade wreaths for indoor or outdoor decorating with materials from your craft store, or even your backyard. Wreath frames can be purchased at most craft stores, and you can use thin wire or twine to attach decorative elements. Possible adornments include:

  • Bittersweet (beautifully colored berries from the shrub of the same name)
  • Christmas ornaments
  • Holly leaves and berries
  • Pine boughs and pinecones.

You can make garlands from many of the same materials. Use heavy rope or wire as a base, and attach the greenery with thin wire. Once the base is covered completely, you can embellish the garland with glitter, twist in Christmas lights, or add pinecones and ornaments.

Homemade Advent Calendars

Advent calendars are fun Christmas crafts to help children count down the days to Christmas. Traditionally, the calendar has one door for each day in December, leading up to Christmas. Each door or compartment contains a small gift. These can include chocolates, messages or even pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. You can also get creative with the form of the calendar. Hang a small stocking or sock from a garland for each day, and place the prize inside. Have your children decorate a poster with a Christmas scene, then glue 25 small boxes on the poster, each with a prize inside.

More Homemade Holiday Decorations

You and your kids can make a variety of new and classic Christmas decorations. Ideas include:

  • Create homemade snow globes using all types of empty glass jars. Glue a figurine onto the inside of the jar lid. Fill the jar with water and glitter, then apply super glue to the inside rim of the jar lid, and screw it on. This can be a fun holiday craft for kids.
  • Cut stars or circles from aluminum foil and poke a small Christmas light through each. This will enhance the glow of the lights.
  • Enliven your holiday table with napkin rings decorated with paper or fabric holly leaves, or small jingle bells.
  • Hang classic paper snowflakes (made by folding white or patterned paper and cutting out shapes) in windows or make them into garlands.
  • Make gingerbread houses of home-baked gingerbread and candy, or create a more permanent version using corkboard or cardboard decorated with ribbon, paper cutouts, pompoms and glitter.
  • Make homemade ornaments from paper, clay or painted wood.