Helpful Childproofing Tools For Making Safety Improvements To Your Home

You’ll find many childproofing tools for Internet and television safety. Ask your service provider what tools they provide. Other helpful childproofing tools help you secure furniture and appliances in your household to ensure that they don’t topple and fall on your little one.

Helpful Childproofing Tools for the Internet

If your Internet browser is password protected, use the controls that allow you to block certain sites and words from your searches. The router prevents your computer from loading any websites that fit the criteria you’ve established.
Another helpful tool already built into your computer is the Internet history. When you open your browser, you can find a list of all the websites viewed. Keep regular tabs on your web history to monitor the sites that your children are viewing.

Parental Controls: Childproofing a Home’s Television

Like the Internet, television programming offers educational shows and fun entertainment for children of all ages. However, it also includes adult shows, filled with violence, nudity and sexual situations that aren’t suitable for children. Most cable providers offer built-in parental controls that you can tailor to your family’s needs.
If you have digital cable, you can choose what to block through different criteria:

  • Adult titles: Even if you block mature content, you can still see the titles–unless you use parental controls to hide them.
  • Channels: Choose which channels to block. Adults can access these channels with a private PIN code that you set.
  • Programs: You can block individual programs by date, time or channel.
  • TV and movie ratings: You can block programs according to TV ratings, like TV-MA, TV-PG and other designations.

For movies, you can also block them using the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) ratings, such as R and PG-13.

Tools to Secure Furniture

Unbalanced furniture is a great danger to young children, particularly when children begin to grab and climb on items around the house. Anchor dressers, entertainment centers, televisions, bookcases and other household items to the wall.
You can even find earthquake-proof furniture straps, which typically sell for around $5 to $15. Available on the market are earthquake-proof furniture straps. All you need to install most models is a screwdriver. An introduction to childproofing can help the process further.