Handling Gifts For Toddlers At Birthday Parties

Planning toddlers’ birthday parties can be confusing and overwhelming. You have to choose a theme, decide on a location and make the invitation list. To your child, however, the most important part most likely involves his birthday gifts.

So, when should you open gifts for toddlers at such an occasion? Learn the advantages of having your toddler open her birthday gifts during the party, after the festivities or as her guests leave.

Opening Toddler Birthday Gifts During the Party

At toddlers’ birthday parties, parents have traditionally scheduled time to open presents during the party. Realistically, however, this can be problematic for both your child and your child’s toddler friends. On one hand, little guests have usually chosen the gift being presented, and they could have hurt feelings if they aren’t able to witness the event.

On the flip side, a toddler often opens gifts very slowly and your child will likely want to play with each new treasure immediately after receiving it.

Opening Gifts for Toddlers After the Party

Little ones are often still in the process of fine-tuning their sharing skills; waiting until after the guests have left to open toddler birthday gifts will eliminate potential fights or tantrums. Opening gifts after the party can also limit the stimulation your toddler is exposed to, making for a much happier and calmer child.

Opening Gifts as Guests Leave Toddlers’ Birthday Parties

In order to satisfy people of all gift-opening philosophies, you can have your toddler open his gifts quickly at the end of the party as each guest leaves. If your child’s friend is on her way out the door, she’ll be less inclined to want to stay and play with the new toy. Rather than opening toddler birthday gifts during or after the party, this is a compromise that’s likely to make everyone happy.