Halloween Costume Ideas

What are you going to be for Halloween? This question haunts you every year until you come up with an idea. Sometimes it is hard to get past the common, over-used costume ideas, like being a witch, an angel, or a devil. Other times, the cost of putting together something innovative is too much to make a costume idea worth pursuing.

However, with a bit of creativity, you can put together an interesting yet inexpensive Halloween costume. Whether you are dressing up solo or looking for group Halloween costume ideas, using things around the house will help keep your costs low. Use tin foil as faux silver or create homemade fake blood (corn syrup and red food coloring).

If you are looking for a Halloween costume idea for yourself, you can generate creative ideas from plays on words. Dress up as “dead sexy” by wearing sexy or revealing clothing with gruesome makeup so you look as though you are dead. You could also be the “devil in disguise,” wearing a trench coat and sunglasses over a devil costume.

Alternatively, if you are trying to assemble Halloween costume ideas for a couple or a group, a more general theme is the key. Picking a known duo or a popular movie can cultivate a bunch of inventive costume ideas.

Another possibility for group Halloween costumes is to choose a broad theme that allows more room for interpretation. “The Dwarves Not In Snow White” lets people create new characters that fit their personality while still staying within the given theme. Disney didn”t include Sleazy or Frumpy.

With a little thinking, you can come up an ingenious Halloween costume idea that doesn”t break the bank. Continue reading this section for more on adult Halloween costumes and costume ideas for couples and groups.