Grocery Shopping Online

Some people don’t mind weekly or biweekly trips to the grocery store. For others, the thought of navigating crowded aisles on a weekend morning conjures up feelings of dread. Some companies provide the convenience of grocery shopping online and grocery delivery to your home. Grocery delivery services can give you back the time you spend each week on grocery shopping.

Benefits of Online Food Shopping

One of the primary benefits of grocery delivery is saved time. You can avoid circling the lot looking for a parking space, making your way through the store with your large shopping cart and waiting in line behind all the other shoppers.

Ordering groceries online and having them brought to your home can be helpful if you purchase a high volume of groceries weekly, or if you have difficulty carrying your groceries from the car to the house. Online food shopping can prevent impulse purchases, particularly if you use the “search” feature or a saved grocery shopping list.

You don’t have to purchase all your food through the online service. You can pick and choose which items best meet your needs.

Online Grocery Shopping Options

A number of companies offer online grocery ordering and home delivery. These include:

  • Dormzy: Geared toward college students and young professionals, this company primarily offers non-perishables, single-serving foods and health and beauty products. Parents can send groceries to their children away at college using this service.
  • Netgrocer: This service offers nationwide delivery via FedEx, with delivery to the eastern US generally costing less than to the western US. You can set up recurring orders, and deliveries can be made even if you aren’t at home.
  • Peapod: A service of Stop and Shop, Peapod offers grocery items, weekly specials and ready-to-eat meals. You can search an item, “browse aisles” as you would in a grocery store and even find items that meet specific nutrition criteria.
  • We Go Shop: Check the We Go Shop website to see if grocery delivery is available in your area. Unlike other services, you must make a grocery shopping list of specific items, rather than choosing from an inventory posted on the website.

Not all services deliver to all states or towns. Visit the websites of each grocery delivery company to determine which grocers offer service in your area, and to calculate shipping costs.

Costs of Online Grocery Shopping

Though online food shopping saves time and effort, this convenience comes at a price. Grocery shipping prices are often based on weight, and can be very expensive when you’re placing a large order. Price may vary with the distance the items must be shipped. Some services offer trial periods of free or reduced shipping costs. Finally, grocery delivery is not available in all areas.