Great Dane

No one seems too sure what the true origin is of the Great Dane. However, the breed seems very similar to the designs appearing on ancient Egyptian monuments.

The Germans claimed the dog as its national breed in the 1870s to reunite the once split Germany. The Germans already had many types of big dogs besides the Great Dane, but this breed stood taller and more regal to the patriots of this European country.

Great Danes in the World

Great Britain saw its first Great Dane in the 1970s. The breed had first been called the Boarhound or German Mastiff. Great Danes were first placed in the “foreign class” at dog shows in England. But people began to fall in love with this larger dog and the Great Dane Club was formed. The breed has risen to one of the most popular big dogs around.

These dogs are classified among the non-sporting dogs by the Kennel Club despite the fact that the breed can be valuable for hunting big game during hot weather. He has certain characteristics of a sporting dog.

Qualities of Great Dane

This breed gets mixed reviews when it comes to whether or not it is a good pet. Many praise its intelligence and strength. As a pet, he does not slobber from his mouth like other big breeds.

Critics of the Great Dane condemn the dog”s excitability and its imposing body. If someone trains the dog badly, it can become dangerous. Training should be thoroughly, but is not a hard task because of the animal”s natural smarts.

The dog can be good-tempered, loyal and loving. He can be good with strangers. His alertness, courageous attitude and intelligence make him one of the most sought-after guard dogs from any breeds. He can be easily controlled if he has the right obedience training.

Just like any dog, the Great Dane can become ill-tempered if confined too much, ill-treated or locked on a chain too long.

Raising a Great Dane Puppy

It takes about one and one-half to two years to raise a puppy to full size, and that takes a lot of special care and food. If a large litter is born, the mother should only feed four to five, while the rest should be given to a foster mother. Once they are weaned, their nutrients should include high-quality bone-making food.

A Great Dane dog carries a graceful style, but has the power of a tiger. Avoid the dog getting overweight.

Size Does Matter

Everyone has seen how big a Great Dane can become. They truly look like a small pony. The minimum height for an adult dog is 30 inches or 28 inches for the female. The minimum weight is about 120 pounds. The overall size of such an animal can grow to larger than a person. But proportion is important.

The dog”s face is chiseled with a very wide nose bridge. The shoulders should be muscular but not overly strong.

A good Great Dane has its belly well-drawn-up, a coat of short and dense hair and large feet.


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