When you or someone you love graduates from school, its time to celebrate! Getting through school is an admirable endeavor because it requires that a student remains determined and committed for years. As a result, when a student finally completes years of this rigorous work, throwing a party in his or her honor is in order.

Although the type of party will depend on the age of the graduate, there are some universal features of graduation parties. For example, most graduation parties have a guest list that includes friends of the graduate as well as family. Consequently, plan to have refreshments and activities appropriate for a range of ages.

Along with planning the graduation party, you will also need to give your graduate a gift. Because graduation parties are unique celebrations, graduation gifts can be tricky to pick out. Rather than get the graduate something ephemeral, such as clothing, consider giving a gift that will last and remind the graduate of having accomplished this important milestone.

Some ideas for graduation gifts include:

  • family heirloom
  • framed portrait or diploma
  • jewelry
  • stocks and/or bonds
  • vacation or trip.

Keep in mind that you dont have to spend a lot of money to give an enduring graduation gift. The important thing to remember as you choose a graduation gift is to find a gift full of meaning.

In this section, we will describe how to plan all aspects of planning and attending a graduation party, ranging from sending out announcements to gift ideas.

Caps, Gowns and Rings

As you prepare for a graduation, getting the cap and gown is one of the most important things you can do. Depending on the school from which you are graduating, your ceremony can range from being informal to extremely formal. Check with the school before getting a cap and gown.

In most cases, your school will have a contract with a local cap and gown provider, making it easy for you to get the appropriate gear for your graduation. Keep reading to learn more about how to get ready for your graduation with caps and gowns.

High School Graduation

Graduating from high school is an important moment in any teens (or adults) life. High school graduations tend to mark a time when teens move from home and start an independent life, possibly moving on to college. Many people plan two separate graduation parties for graduates of this age, one exclusively for the family and another for the graduate and his friends.

Because many of your graduates friends will be in his grade, consider planning a joint graduation party with a group of your childs friends. Alternately, some parents send their new graduate on a mini vacation with their friends in lieu of throwing a party. Read on to learn more about high school graduations.

College Graduation

Graduating from college thrusts many into the full-time working world. Each year, colleges hold elaborate ceremonies for graduating seniors to recognize their accomplishments and inspire them to continue their educations.

In general, college graduation parties tend to be a bit more subdued, centered around close friends and family. Similarly, gifts for a college graduate are generally more elaborate and expensive than those of high school graduates. This is due to the fact that college is a more strenuous endeavor. Keep reading to learn more about college graduations.