Graduation Party Ideas

A graduation party is a tribute to a great achievement. When you consider all the time that goes in to graduating and all the personal growth that occurs during schooling, it”s easy to see why graduation marks a tremendous lifetime milestone.

Many people choose to celebrate graduation with a graduation party. Here are some tips on planning a graduation party. We”ll tell you all you need to know to make your bash a success, from getting graduation party supplies, to picking a graduation party favor, to organizing graduation party games!

Graduation Party Invitation List

Before making the graduation party invitation list, ask the graduate for a list of the people that she would like at party. Ask the following:

  • Will guests need to travel?
  • Will the party include a few close friends of the graduate, or will you also include family members, neighbors, special teachers and coaches?
  • Will you need to arrange for accommodations for your guests?

Once you have a basic guest list established, you will be able to figure out the location for your graduation party and will be able to plan the food you will serve, the graduation party games you”ll play and more.

Once the guest list is complete, you can also start working on the graduation party invitations. You”ll want to make sure you send these out weeks before the event. If you”re planning an elaborate party, ask your guests to RSVP at least a month in advance.

The Graduation Party Location

When deciding on a location for your graduation party, you”ll need to consider your budget. Some spots, such as private banquet halls, can be expensive to rent, especially if you will have a lot of people at the graduation party. When picking a location, call several places and get quotes.

If you”re on a tight budget, consider having the party at your house. A backyard can be a fun and inexpensive place to host a graduation party. Also, many people will feel more relaxed if you host the graduation party in the more relaxed atmosphere of a home. However, if you do plan to have the party in your yard, you do need to prepare for inclement weather. To deal with bad weather, you can either rent a tent or set a rain date.

Graduation Party Supplies

The type of graduation party supplies you”ll need will depend entirely on the type of graduation party you”re hosting. For example, if you”re hosting the party in your backyard, you might want to set up some tables that you”ve decorated with streamers and decorative tablecloths. You also might want to hang some balloons from the trees.

If you”ll be hosting the party in a banquet hall, you might want to get centerpieces or candles for the tables.

Here”s a list of some fun graduation party supply ideas:

  • a fun graduation party favor, such as a silly picture of the graduate
  • disposable cameras for guests to snap candid pictures
  • flowers
  • photograph board of the graduate
  • sign-in board for guests to leave personalized messages for the graduate
  • t-shirts with fabric markers for autographs.

Checklist for a Graduation Party

It is always best to plan a party well in advance of the set date. Naturally, if you”re planning a big affair and will be hiring caterers, a band, a DJ, etc., then you”ll need to start planning for your graduation party months in advance. If you”re planning a small, relaxed party, then you can probably start planning a few weeks in advance.

To make sure you cover all of the bases when planning a graduation party, you”ll want to create a checklist. Here are some items you”ll want to include on your graduation party checklist:

  • budget
  • date and time for the party
  • decorations you”ll need
  • entertainment (band, DJ, etc.)
  • graduation party favors
  • guest list
  • graduation party invitations
  • location
  • menu.

Other Graduation Party Considerations

When planning your graduation party, you”ll also want to keep the following in mind:

  • Graduation Party Dress Code: The graduation party dress code should complement the type of party being held. A formal party would naturally point to a more formal dress code, whereas a backyard barbeque might welcome guests in shorts and t-shirts. If you have a specific desire for a special graduation party dress code, be sure to mention it to your guests on your graduation party invitations.

  • Graduation Party Games: Graduation party games might include karaoke or charades. You could even make up a trivia game about the graduate and have your guests play to see who knows the most about the guest of honor. However, many teens and young adults would probably prefer to just hang out and talk or listen to music and dance. Let your graduate help you decide on graduation party games.