Going Away Parties

When friends, co-workers and family members announce that they’re moving away or taking a new job, you can expect to be invited to going away parties. If your nephew’s going to college or a co-worker is retiring, your first thought will probably be to find a good going away gift.

If you’re particularly close to the person who’s leaving, you may be the one who’s expected to throw a going-away or moving party. Going-away parties provide an opportunity for a group of people to wish the departing person well.

At the party, you can present the person with a photo collage of time spent together, or screen a homemade video full of memories. Although you’ll likely be sad to see this person go, a going-away party should, at its core, be a happy celebration of friendship or work relationships.

Farewell Gifts for Family or Friends

When someone close to you moves away, the best going-away present is one that really communicates your feelings of affection and loss. In the case of a close friend or family member, a scrapbook or photo album full of memories of the two of you makes a great farewell gift. Alternatively, you could frame a photo and gift-wrap it along with a handwritten note.

If the person leaving is a more casual friend or acquaintance, the gift shouldn’t be quite as personal. A great gift idea for someone who’s moving to a new house is a gift basket of instant soup mix or other convenience food items. Most people appreciate not having to cook for the first couple of days while they get settled in a new place. Along the same lines, consider a gift certificate for a favorite restaurant or takeout place.

Gift baskets containing basic toiletries, cleaning items or tools are good going-away presents, as many people forget to keep these items handy when packing.

When someone moves far away from their hometown, they often intensely miss local restaurants and shops. If a friend or family member is moving to a different city, state or country, a great going-away gift is a basket full of local merchandise, such as regional coffees and teas or local baked goods. Throw in a gift certificate to a local restaurant if you know the person plans to return soon for a visit.

Going Away Gifts for Co-Workers

Saying goodbye to a co-worker can be as difficult as bidding farewell to a good friend, especially if you’ve worked together for years. For long-term work relationships, good farewell gifts include watches, flowers, gift certificates or a catered lunch. For more casual work relationships, consider giving a keychain, stationery, coffee mug or a gift certificate to a coffee shop chain.