Gifts For Weddings

In comparison to other events requiring gifts, finding gifts for weddings is simple for one main reason: the wedding registry. A wedding registry is a wish list of items that the couple would like to receive as gifts. Engaged couples usually register for wedding gifts at one or two stores to make it simple for their guests to select gifts. Registries can list anything from home decor to sporting equipment, and they usually include items that fit every budget.

Etiquette used to dictate that guests had up to a year after the wedding to send gifts. Nowadays, however, sending gifts no later than two months after the wedding is considered common courtesy.

Wedding Gifts

When trying to come up with ideas for gifts for weddings, sticking to the couple’s registry is best. If you’re not sure where the couple is registered, simply ask them or their parents. Shop early for the best selection to fit your budget. The amount you spend depends on your personal financial situation and your relationship with the couple, but standard wedding gifts usually cost between $50 and $200.

Money is almost always welcome among wedding gifts, especially if the couple is young or saving for their first home. If you take a card with cash or a check to the wedding, seek out the person in charge of collection. Usually this is the best man or a parent. However, money is the only gift that you should physically take to the wedding.

If you’re purchasing a gift from the registry, arrange to have it shipped to the couple’s home ahead of time. Newly married couples have enough on their minds without having to worry about transporting gifts home after the wedding reception.

Wedding Shower Gifts and Engagement Party Gifts

Gifts for wedding showers and engagement parties can be a little more challenging when the couple hasn’t yet registered for gifts. In this case, you’re free to use your imagination.

Kitchen decor and appliances make great wedding shower gifts. For people who enjoy baking, consider picking up a stand mixer or a cake stand. If the couple likes coffee, an espresso machine or single-serve coffeemaker might be a good choice. For general culinary enthusiasts, good gifts might include a new knife set, a slow cooker or a food processor.

If your budget is limited, consider putting together a “kitchen essentials” basket. Purchase a few important kitchen items like a whisk, measuring cups, measuring spoons, roller or a ladle, bundle them together with ribbon and place them inside a mixing bowl.

Other wedding shower and engagement party gifts could include new dishes, wine glasses or monogrammed towels. A gift certificate for a couple’s massage or for a cooking class they can take together are unique bridal shower gifts. When in doubt, gift cards to home stores are always good engagement party or wedding shower gifts.