Gift Wrapping Money Saving Tips

Christmas wrap and gift bags can be very expensive, with bags and rolls of paper costing up to several dollars each. These costs can add up quickly when you have a large number of gifts to give. However, it’s possible to wrap your gifts inexpensively. When you use low-cost or homemade gift wrap, you can put your money into your gifts rather than into the packaging.

Discount Gift Wrap

Though gift wrap is often expensive, less costly Christmas wrap can be found. Check discount stores and dollar stores for gift wrap and gift bags. However, be aware that some inexpensive gift wrap is very thin, and may be apt to tear if you are wrapping oddly shaped items. Finally, if you have ample storage in your home, consider purchasing Christmas wrap, bows and ribbon that have been marked down at the end of the season and storing them for next Christmas.

Gift Wrap Ideas: Wrapping Paper

You or your children can make homemade gift wrap with rolls of plain mid-weight brown or white paper. Use stamps or stencils to create holiday-themed patterns. If you have children, they can decorate plain wrap with colored pencil, marker, finger paint or stamps. This paper can be used to wrap gifts from the children to their teachers, babysitters or relatives. If you want to buy expensive gift wrap, use it for gifts being given to people who will appreciate it. Remember, small children enjoy tearing the wrapping paper off their many gifts, but they don’t care what the paper looks like!

Gift Wrap Ideas: Gift Bags

Gift bags can be purchased in packages for savings; some retailers even offer multi-packs of gift bags of different sizes. If you buy plain gifts bags, you can decorate them with ribbon, paint or paper cutouts. In addition, gift bags can be reused; save your gift bags at Christmas, and plain gift bags from birthday or other gifts. Just be sure to remove the original tags! Address your gifts on a hangtag attached to the bag (rather than a sticker on the bag), and your recipients can reuse their bags as well.

Alternatives to Traditional Gift Wrap

Wrapping paper and gift bags are not usually “green” or environmentally friendly ways to present your holiday gifts. Some types of gift wrap cannot be recycled if they contain metallic elements. Try some of these alternative gift wrap ideas:

  • Find recycled gift wrap or tissue paper.
  • Tie an inexpensive scarf into a bow around a sweater or pair of pajamas.
  • Use a handbag, stew pot or sand bucket as a gift container.
  • Wrap with fabric, and trim with ribbons or buttons.
  • Wrap with colorful Sunday comics (but be careful, the ink can rub off).