Ghosts The Scariest Real Ghost Pictures

A number of people interested in the paranormal believe in the existence of ghosts and seek to know more about them. While some people use the term “ghost” to refer to the spirit or soul of a deceased person, others use the term to describe the apparition of a dead person. Interestingly, in parapsychology, the term “ghost” has been replaced by the term “apparition.”

Surveys on Ghosts

In 2005, the Gallup Association conducted a poll revealing that approximately 32 percent of Americans believe in ghosts.

Though ghost sightings and ghost pictures are often dismissed by scientists, ghost stories date back thousands of years and span numerous cultures. In fact, one of the first documented ghost sightings occurred in Athens, Greece, around 50 A.D.

Ghost sightings have also been documented in religious texts. For instance, the Bible and the Hebrew Torah both contain references to ghosts.

In this section, we’ll discuss ghosts. We’ll take an in-depth look at haunted houses, apparitions and poltergeists. Our articles will also examine the history of ghosts and provide information on ghost skeptics.

Haunted Houses

When ghosts are said to inhabit houses, the houses are referred to as haunted houses. Always popular attractions during Halloween celebrations, haunted houses are considered by many to be real and potentially threatening.

Some believers in the paranormal content that apparitions can often be seen in locations that they frequented when they were alive. Thus, it would make sense that a ghost would choose to visit his former home. Often, such tragic events as murders and suicides have occurred in haunted houses. Accidental deaths have also been associated with haunted houses.

Unexplained incidents, such as the unaided movement of objects or the slamming of doors, are often said to occur in haunted houses. Some of the scariest ghost pictures are also taken in haunted houses.

The house located at 112 Ocean Ave. in Amityville, New York, is one of the many famous haunted houses.


To many people, a ghost and an apparition are the same thing. However, for others, the term “ghost” refers to a disembodied soul, which may be revealed as a mist or a cloud, while the term “apparition” refers to a supernatural spirit that most often appears in human form.

Thus, an apparition of a deceased person will likely look much like the person did when he was alive.

Interestingly, though many people associate apparitions with the deceased, apparitions may also take the form of people who are still currently living.


When people hear the term “poltergeist,” many immediately think of the scary movie trilogy of the same name. However, the word “poltergeist” refers to a spirit that is generally mischievous and occasionally malicious.

The word, which comes from the German words “poltern” (to knock) and “geist” (spirit), refers to the spirits’ tendency to make noise. Poltergeist activity often includes throwing and moving objects.