Get Your Craft On 10 Top Crafting Resources And Inspirations

Not so long ago, mentioning you were a knitter might conjure up images of grandma sitting alone in her rocking chair, her needles quietly clicking together. The same went for crocheting, needlepoint and sewing–many traditional crafts were originally done only by women, and they weren’t particularly social activities.
Today’s crafting community is much more robust and dynamic. No longer confined to their rocking chairs, today’s knitters enjoy “stitch ‘n bitch” knitting circles, and crafters of all types can find inspiration and make connections via crafting websites and craft fairs. From the local church Christmas fair to the wide and wonderful world of Etsy–rife with subversive, ironic, beautiful and modern crafts–inspiration abounds for crafters, if you know where to look for it.

10 Top Crafting Resources: Websites, Major Craft Fairs and More

Whether you’re looking for an arts and crafts fair for inspiration, or you just want to find a weekly needlepoint group, here are our 10 favorite places for crafting resources and inspiration.

  1. Etsy: This user-driven online marketplace serves as a major resource for crafters around the world (and the people that love them). Artists who join the site can list their handmade crafts for sale and reach a large, diverse audience. Potential profits are only limited by the site’s fees on the listing and sale of items, as well as the seller’s responsibility for shipping items herself.
  2. Mary Maxim