Get Well Gifts

When a loved one is spending days, weeks or months recovering from an illness or accident, friends and relatives naturally want to send along well wishes and cheer the person up. Get well gifts can be simple or intensely personal, but they exist for one purpose: to say “I care about you and I want you to feel better” to the person who’s recovering.

Get Well Baskets

Get well baskets are among the most popular get well gifts because they’re so easily packaged and brighten up a room. Select items to go in the gift basket based on the person’s current condition, interests and hobbies. For example, you could assemble a self-care get well basket with lotions, soaps, nail-care items and hair accessories for a girl who enjoys beauty products. Top it off with a gift card to a local salon that she can use once she’s feeling better.

Gift baskets filled with magazines and puzzle books provide the recipient with a fun way to pass the time while recovering. If the person is interested in arts and crafts, consider putting together a basket with instructions and supplies for a new hobby, such as needlework or knitting.

Hospital Gifts

Buying get-well gifts for someone in the hospital with a serious illness is challenging. For example, gift baskets with food and drink are discouraged if the person is on a strict diet due to the illness. In addition, hospitals have regulations about what can and cannot be brought into the hospital room. For example, some hospitals restrict plants and flowers in patients’ rooms, due to the risk of spreading bacteria or aggravating allergies. Check with the hospital about any such restrictions before bringing a gift to a loved one in the hospital.

Even if you can’t bring get-well flowers or food baskets, you can still show your concern with a little imagination. Many patients are bored and lonely after their visitors leave. Put together an entertainment gift basket of DVDs, books or games. Care packages that include items like lip balm, slippers, soap and shampoo are welcome get-well gifts for patients who miss the small comforts of home.

Get Well Gifts for Kids

Children who face a long recovery after an accident or illness need cheering up. Counter boredom and loneliness with movies, seasons of a favorite TV show on DVD, books, games, handheld electronics, coloring books and art supplies. Some children find comfort in dolls and stuffed animals when they’re sick. Colorful decorations like balloons and wall hangings can brighten up a sick child’s day.