From Malaysia To The United Kingdom A Look At Jimmy Choo

Jimmy Choo is best known for his handmade women’s shoe designs, such as sky-high yet delicate heels and stylish boots. The Malaysian-born designer is well-regarded as a top designer of it-bags–the must-have handbags dangling on the arms of the rich and famous.

How Much Do Jimmy Choo Designer Handbags Cost?

Handbags by Jimmy Choo often cost more than $2,000, depending on the materials used, and the number of bags that were produced.
Before you make your purchase, ensure you’re buying a Jimmy Choo handbag from one of the company’s flagship stores or at a boutique commissioned to carry the designs. As with many expensive designers, Jimmy Choo products are often replicated without the company’s consent and sold at steep discounts.

Celebrity Fans: Who Carries a Jimmy Choo Handbag?

Jimmy Choo has dedicated celebrity fans in Hollywood, London and beyond.
The list of famous clientele spotted sporting Choo’s glamorous heels or expertly crafted handbags includes:
• Beyonc