Food Delivery Online Take Out Services

Taking a break from cooking and ordering take-out food can be a relief after a long day at work. If you’re tired of the same old take-out menus in your kitchen drawer, you can try an online take-out food delivery service, or order online from your favorite local restaurant. These websites allow you to choose your food, order and pay online for restaurant delivery.

Online Menu Ordering from a Restaurant

Traditionally, restaurants have relied on phone orders for both pick-up and food delivery. But today, ordering food online for delivery is becoming an increasingly popular offering for restaurants. Consumers benefit from having the full menu in view as they order.

Many national chains offer online menu ordering from their websites, and some allow ordering from your mobile phone. Orders are filled by your local restaurant location and delivered to your home.

Order Online Through a Take-out Delivery Service

If your restaurant of choice doesn’t have an online ordering system on its website, you may still be able to order online for food delivery. You can order take-out from restaurant delivery services that work with numerous restaurants in your area. Search nearby restaurants, and after you choose from the desired online menu, ordering is easy.

Conveniences of Online Menu Ordering

Some sites store your address and payment methods, which can save time when ordering. In addition, you can pay with your credit card online rather than paying cash on delivery. Certain delivery sites allow you to add items from multiple restaurants to your order for a flat delivery rate, or at a reduced rate that’s lower than ordering individually from each restaurant. Combining your orders also means you don’t have to keep track of multiple deliveries. Many sites group restaurants into categories, such as Chinese food or pizza.

Local and National Online Take-out Services

Some companies are national in scope and have franchises that offer take-out food delivery in several states. Each state’s services cover a variety of local restaurants. These national services include Foodler, Waiter and Live on the Go™.

You can search online for smaller local companies that work with the restaurants in your geographic area to help you place online orders for take-out food. For example, Waiters on Wheels serves the Worcester, Massachusetts area, and Eze Dining serves the Orlando, Florida area.