Five Tips For Secure Credit Card Purchases Online

The rapid growth of online shopping necessarily comes with a huge increase in the use of credit cards online. Unfortunately, the variety of methods that cyber thieves use to steal your online credit card information is also increasing and online identity theft is a very real threat.

Here are five tips for making secure credit card purchases online.

1. Avoid Online Identity Theft by Using Secure Websites

Before you enter your credit card number, ensure that the web page you’re on is secure, and that it will encrypt your data as it’s sent over the Internet. If you see an “s” after the “http” in the web address, you know that your data will be encrypted. Typically, the only page(s) with the “s” designation are the checkout page or any other page with personal data, such as the account page with your address and phone number.

You can also check for a secure website by looking for a closed lock or unbroken key symbol on your screen. The symbol should be on your browser frame, not on the web page itself.

2. Use Credit Cards Online with Known Companies

Ordering products from an unknown company can easily lead to online identity theft. Many dishonorable websites are set up just for the purpose of getting unwary people to supply their personal data. You can usually avoid this pitfall if you buy only from companies you already know and trust. If you plan to buy from an unfamiliar company, be sure to do some research on the company’s reputation first.

3. Secure Credit Card Information by Investigating Deals

The old adage, “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is,” applies to online shopping. Remember that principal when browsing those great deals you occasionally find online. Take the time to investigate what others have said about a company or a certain product before you buy online.

4. Make Sure You Have the Right Website

Double and triple check the website address before purchasing and using credit cards online. Some phishing websites use URLs that are very similar to those of the major brands, possibly with only one different letter, to get your credit card and other personal information.

5. Use One Card Just for Online Credit Card Purchases

If your credit card information should be stolen, you can limit your damages if you lose the information from only one credit card rather than all of them. Choose one credit card, or get a new one, and use it for all of your credit card purchases online. Another benefit to using one card is how easily you can track your charges and be alert to any fraudulent ones on a single monthly statement.