First Anniversary

So you”ve been married to your spouse or with your partner for one year! The first anniversary is always a special occasion and you”ll want to make it a day to remember.

Whether you present your loved on with a unique gift, take her to a favorite restaurant or write her a love poem, you”ll want to make sure that your loved one feels special on your first anniversary.

Tips for Celebrating Your First Anniversary

Here are some tips to make your first anniversary a true celebration!

  • Breakfast in Bed: Start your first anniversary off right by treating your spouse or your partner to breakfast in bed. Cook her favorite foods and serve her mimosas and coffee in bed!
  • Dancing the Night Away: Often, couples are so busy mingling with the guests at their wedding receptions that they miss out on all the dancing. Why not treat your spouse to a night of dancing on your first anniversary? Find out where his favorite band will be playing and schedule an evening of fun! Or, you could simply go to his favorite nightclub.
  • Let Them Eat Cake: If you”ve been married for a year, you probably have the top layer of your wedding cake frozen in your freezer. It is tradition for the couple to eat this cake on their first wedding anniversary. Why not eat your wedding cake while watching your wedding video or looking through your wedding album?
  • Paint the Town Red: If you want to go all out on your first wedding anniversary, rent a limo and make reservations at your spouse”s favorite restaurant. Before going to dinner, watch the sunset while sipping champagne. After dinner, go to a lounge and sip cocktails while listening to great music.
  • Picture Perfect: If you”ve been married for a year, chance are you have a box of wedding photos just waiting to be sorted and displayed. Why not take some of these important pictures and have them set in nice frames for your spouse? Or, you could arrange all of your wedding photos in a nice album.
  • Second Honeymoon: The first year together can be stressful time for many couples. A lot of changes occur in the first year. Often, couples move, have children and simply must adjust to married life. Why not give your sweetie a break by taking her on a second honeymoon?Even if you can”t afford a vacation you can treat your spouse to a weekend of pampering at home. Give her a pedicure, draw her a bubble bath and cook her favorite foods. She”ll fall in love with you all over again!
  • Wine and Dine: Treat your loved one to the same dinner that you ate on your wedding night. Try to get all the details right, from the flowers to the wine to the dessert. You”ll surely wow her!