Finding And Selecting The Right Political Candidate

The U.S. Constitution Party was founded in 1992 by Howard Phillips. Formed from a coalition of independent state parties and originally named the U.S. Taxpayers Party, the party’s name was changed to the Constitution Party in 1999 to better reflect the party’s goals.

Constitution Party History: The 1990s

The Taxpayer’s Party had a goal of limiting the federal government to the boundaries of the U.S. Constitution and also of restoring civil government to the moral edicts upon which it was founded. The first presidential candidate for the party, Howard Phillips, managed to appear on the ballot in 21 states in 1992.

During the early 1990s, the United States Constitution Party grew tremendously. In 1995, it became the fifth political party to be officially recognized by the Federal Election Commission. This recognition signaled that the Constitution Party had many supporters who shared the party’s beliefs.

In 1996, presidential hopeful Howard Phillips was on the ballot in 39 states.

The national nominating convention of 1999 saw an official name change for the party, from the Taxpayers Party to the Constitution Party. The members of the party felt that the new name better represented their interests. In the same year, Howard Phillips was again nominated as the party’s presidential candidate for the 2000 elections.

In 2004, Michael Peroutka was named as the party’s presidential candidate.

Today, the Constitution Party is a strong force on the political scene. It is the third largest party in the United States in terms of registered voters.

U.S. Constitution Party Mission Statement

The mission statement of the Constitution Party is as follows:

“The mission of the Constitution Party is to secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity through the election, at all levels of government, of Constitution Party candidates who will uphold the principles of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States. It is our goal to limit the federal government to its delegated, enumerated, Constitutional functions and to restore American jurisprudence to its original Biblical common-law foundations.”

Focus of the U.S. Constitution Party

The Constitution party believes that it should focus on the following:

  • advocating the lawful and proper divisions of government at the federal, state and local levels
  • championing the provisions and limitations of the Constitution and enforcing them accordingly
  • training and preparing future candidates at all levels of government, from state to federal.

The U.S. Constitution Party is proud of the fact that it is:

  • anti-deindustrialization
  • anti-free trade
  • anti-unchecked immigration
  • in favor of a strong national defense
  • in opposition to special rights for homosexuals
  • in opposition to expansion of unlawful police laws
  • in opposition to foreign aid
  • pro-American sovereignty
  • pro-gun
  • pro-life.

These beliefs are reflected in the mission statement of the Constitution Party and give a good overview of the party’s goals.