Fellow Hunters

It can be fun to go hunting alone, but hunting is a lot more fun when you share the experience with fellow hunters and hunting buddies.Going on a hunting trip with your friends is a great way to enjoy the outdoors and bond. Here are some tips on finding some hunting buddies, as well as some information on safely enjoying a trip with hunting buddies.

Finding Hunting Buddies

Finding a hunting buddy doesn”t have to be hard. Sometimes, you will meet other hunters while on a hunt. If you don”t already have some hunting buddies, why not strike up a conversation with some of these people? You know that you already have one hobby in common!

To find hunting buddies or to meet fellow hunters, you might also consider joining a few hunting clubs. Hunting clubs make it easy for you to get into contact with other hunters living in your area. Most of these groups are eager for new members, and they will welcome you.

Hunting clubs often have meetings that may or may not be mandatory, and most will charge low membership dues. However, when you join a hunting club, you will meet many people with whom you can hunt. This is an exciting opportunity for novice hunters, who can learn from more experienced hunters. Sometimes, hunting retailers will also give discounts to members of certain hunting clubs.

There are many hunting clubs out there. Some of the more famous national hunting clubs include:

  • Boone and Crockett Club
  • International Bowhunting Organization
  • National Wild Turkey Federation
  • Quail Unlimited
  • Safari Club International.

To find hunting clubs in your area, check your local yellow pages or go online. You might be surprised at how many hunting clubs are right in your neighborhood!

Safety for Fellow Hunters

As we all know, hunting accidents can happen. Following proper hunting safety is always important, especially when you are hunting in a group. One of the keys to staying safe and accident-free when you are around fellow hunters is to carry your weapon properly. The first rule is to always point the gun”s muzzle away from yourself and others.

Here are some other rules you should follow when you are out with fellow hunters:

  • Hunt with a small group. This will make it less likely for someone to wander off and get hurt.
  • If you fall, be sure to control the direction of your firearm”s muzzle. Therefore, if a shot goes off, it will be less likely to hit a person.
  • Never shoot at a sound.
  • Use binoculars to positively identify your target before you shoot.
  • Wear the appropriate hunting gear. Many hunters fail to wear orange safety vests, which allow other hunters to see you from a distance. When hunters see bright orange, they know not to shoot. These vests are often required by law, and you should wear one to decrease hunting accidents.
  • When in doubt, don”t shoot.


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